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Anthem Earn Coin Bug | Why am I not receiving coin?

An Anthem earn coin bug is preventing players from being rewarded for the challenges that they are completing. Some have wondered if there’s a coin cap because of it,or whether it’s just an error. We’re here with an Anthem earn coin bug fix if you’ve come across this particular glitch.

Anthem earn coin bug

Anthem Earn Coin Bug error glitch

The Anthem earn coin bug has been part of peoples’ complaints since the game launched initially on February 15. In the past week, however, some players have revealed that they aren’t earning coin anymore for the daily or weekly challenges that they complete.

The problem was first brought up by EA forum user SinAsylum, who explained that they were no longer being rewarded with coin. This was followed up by people on the game’s Reddit page, with users such as imsuperhugh complaining about the issue.

Other players, like Stack0verf10w, queried if there was now a coin cap in place to stop people from hoarding them. It doesn’t appear that any sort of coin cap has been implemented, so the issue is certainly a bug.

Anthem earn coin bug fix

Anthem Earn Coin Bug fix

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no official Anthem earn coin bug fix at the time of writing. Coin rewards do drop off as you progress up the ranks, but it shouldn’t stop completely.

The best way to make EA and BioWare of this glitch is to respond to the threads above, regardless of whether it’s on the EA forums or the Reddit page. Keeping any thread at the top of their respective pages will help community managers and support staff to locate them easily, and relay the information to the development team.

A bug like this should be a relatively easy fix for BioWare so, providing they see it, a patch could be brought out soon. Hopefully it does so players don’t miss out on earning coin.