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The Division 2 PC 100 Percent CPU Usage Error | Is there a fix?

The Division 2 open beta is still live until March 5, 2019, and many players are experiencing a whole host of errors, bugs, and glitches. This time, we’re taking a look at The Division 2 PC 100 percent CPU usage error. Have you noticed that The Division 2 is using up the entirety of your CPU space? If so, you’ll likely notice, too, that the game is stuttering far more than it should. Read on for a fix.

What is The Division 2 PC 100 Percent CPU Usage error?

The Division 2 PC 100 Percent CPU Usage

Essentially, The Division 2 appears to be eating up the entirety of some players CPUs when it shouldn’t be doing so. Using the maximum capacity of a CPU is sure to be harmful to your PC and it makes the game run poorly. It’s not a great issue to have. Unfortunately, the root cause seems to be unknown. It does appear, however, to have something to do with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

Despite this, according to the official Ubisoft Support forum, no matter what GPU players may use, the CPU is still outputting at 100 percent while playing The Division 2. There could very well be a fix for the error, however.

The Division 2 PC 100 Percent CPU Usage | Fix

The Division 2 PC 100 percent CPU Usage

It appears as though there is a bug within the drivers of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. In particular, it appears to be an Nvidia Container LS leak that happened with the driver update version 419.17. It’s an issue that has been plaguing Nvidia driver files for a little while now that appears to affect certain games and programs. Thankfully, Nvidia is aware of the issue and has promised a new driver update containing a fix for early March.

On top of this, as per the official Ubisoft Support forum linked above, Ubisoft is also aware of the problem and is currently looking into it. Hopefully, then, the 100 percent CPU usage issue in The Division 2 on PC will be fixed in time for the game’s full release on March 15, 2019.