Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon | Operators, map, playlists, and more

Ubisoft has announced the latest big update for Rainbow Six Siege. The Year 4 update, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon, will be released on Wednesday, March 6, and brings a host of changes to the tactical FPS title. Find out what’s worth knowing about Operation Burnt Horizon with our guide.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon | Operators and map

rainbow six siege operation burnt horizon operators map

Two new Australian operators are the big news surrounding Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon. Gridlock and Mozzie will be available for Season Pass owners to unlock and play immediately with a seven-day exclusive guarantee. Everyone else will, as always, have to wait a week to get them, and will need to spend Renown or R6 Credits to unlock them.

A new map, Outback, will be patched in. Taking inspiration from the Australian outback, obviously, players will need to be aware of the dust that gets kicked up every so often, while the map’s three districts in the Garage, Motel, and Restaurant offer different ways of playing whether you’re on attack or defense.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon | Playlist and weapon skins

rainbow six siege operation burnt horizon playlists weapon skins

A new multiplayer playlist option, called Newcomer, arrives with the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon update. This allows players until rank 50 to get acclimatised to the game’s controls, mechanics, and different maps. The Casual playlist has also been revamped, with a better emphasis on flow between Newcomer and Ranked playlists.

Seasonal weapon skins in the Crocodylus, Ocean’s Teeth, and Board Cove will become available to dress your favorite weapon in, while there have been a few tweaks to the game’s current operators, which you can read about more in the patch notes below.

Finally, a Hibana elite set will allow players to bring the hurt if they play as her. A new animation style, weapon skins, operator card, and charm will be patched into the game on March 6.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon | Patch notes

rainbow six siege operation burnt horizon patch notes


  • Fixed – Bulletproof cameras can no longer be deployed underneath a Welcome Mat to make it impervious to bullets.
  • Fixed – Bulletproof camera is not destroyed if it is placed underneath electrified barbed wire.
  • Fixed – Drone destruction sound effects can be heard clearly through floors.
  • Fixed – Ambient sound is louder than intended.
  • Fixed – The swapping animation from a gun to a primary gadget can be skipped.
  • Fixed – ACOG on the M249 does not accurately show where bullets will land.
  • Fixed – Spamming the crouch button will lead to cases where the 1st person view is granted before the model is visible from another point of view.
  • Fixed – Frag grenades do not always destroy a barricade near it.
  • Fixed – Nitro cell damage was not reliable when placed on certain objects across all maps.


Shield Operators

  • Fixed – Guard break animation is not present in kill cam replays if the shield Operator is in motion.
  • Fixed – Shield Operators crouching and leaning clip through their shield and can be damaged through it.
  • Fixed – Legs of all shielded operators are clipping through the ballistic shield while in prone.
  • Fixed – Sometimes Guard Break is cancelled when a player shoots the shield and melee’s at the same time.
  • Fixed – The guard break animation displays incorrect behaviour when the shield Operator leans to the side.
  • Fixed – The kill cam does not show the meleed stance for shield Operators.


  • Fixed – Silent Step’s lowered stance is not replicated in first person.
  • Fixed – Attackers are immune to Luison’s damage for a few seconds if Caveira cancels the interrogation and shoots that attacker.


  • Fixed – Audio cue for Airjab detonation does not always play properly.
  • Fixed – No sound when Nomad’s Airjab becomes active.


  • Fixed – When deploying in player’s blind spot, Cluster Charges will have a delayed explosion effect.


  • Fixed – Yokai’s attack lowers FPS when the Operator is near the effect.
  • Fixed – When using advanced deployment, camera position returns to default for Yokai drones after following specific steps.


  • Fixed – The X-KAIROS pellets positioning is unreliable.


  • Fixed – Capitao’s asphyxiating bolts can go through Mira’s Black Mirror and kill Operators on the other side.

Level Design


  • Fixed – Explosion sounds are muffled in 2F Security Room when listening from 2F Armory Lockers.


  • Fixed – Spamming crouch allow a player to vault through the floor.


  • Fixed – Drones can clip through a wall to provide an advantage to Attackers.


  • Fixed – Players can use a ledge outside to get inside the courtyard.

Theme Park

  • Fixed – The Defuser will remain stuck if dropped in the bush on the corner of the EXT Cafe Terrace with 2F Cafe.

Game Modes

Caster Camera

  • Fixed – Appearance for various objects while using the caster camera.

User Experience

  • Fixed – 2-0x0000C004 Session_Not_Found Error when accepting squad invite.
  • Fixed – Player receives friendly fire message when using Evil Eye to shoot another Evil Eye.
  • Fixed – Elite Mute – SMG-11 is missing Mute Elite’s Royal Fusiliers
  • Fixed – Missing promote/demote animation in the result screen at the end of Ranked matches.
  • Fixed – MMR points appear as if added from zero at the end of a Ranked match.