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Apex Legends Aim Assist | Is there an aim assist feature?

Is there an Apex Legends aim assist feature? Despite the game having been out for almost two months, plenty of players still don’t know the answer to this. No matter whether you’re a PC player, Xbox One owner, or PS4 aficionado, you’ll want to know if it exists. Find out with our Apex Legends aim assist guide.

Is there an Apex Legends aim assist feature?

apex legends aim assist pc xbox one ps4

Yes, Apex Legends aim assist does exist. However, those who play the battle royale title on PC will be happy  or unhappy, depending on whether you rely on it  to know that aim assist isn’t a feature on this platform.

For Xbox One and PS4 owners, aim assist does exist. This is likely to do with the fact that PC gamers have a better sensitivity for aiming due to their mouse and keyboard use. Using a PS4 or Xbox One controller to aim can be less accurate, so it makes sense for aim assist to be included on these consoles.

PC players who use a controller to play Apex Legends will also have aim assist. If you’re a traditionalist, however, you won’t.

How do I turn Apex Legends aim assist off?

apex legends aim assist turn off disable

If you play the game with a controller, you may be wondering if there’s an option to turn Apex Legends aim assist off. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there isn’t one. Numerous threads on the game’s Reddit page have popped up about this issue, such as this one started by N00MEK or this one from LordKenshi.

At the moment there isn’t a setting to turn aim assist off, but there’s a chance that it could be in the future. It’s possible that Respawn could patch in an “advanced options” menu down the line, with the chance to disable the aim assist function. For now, you’ll have to soldier on with it.