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Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik Skin | Release date and how to unlock

There’s a special Fortnite outfit coming for Samsug Galaxy S10 Plus owners. Dubbed the Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik skin, it’s an exclusive cosmetic to dress your character up in. Find out when the Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik skin is released, and how to unlock it, with our help.

Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik skin | Release date

fortnite galaxy ikonik skin release date

The Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik skin will be available to all Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus owners from Friday, March 8. If you’re thinking of getting this smartphone, you’ll have to stump up $999 to get the most basic version of it, however. If you want to upgrade parts of the S10 Plus, such as its RAM, storage, or something else, you’ll have to fork over more money.

Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik skin | How to unlock

fortnite galaxy ikonik skin unlock redeem galaxy s10 plus

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus already, or you’re considering buying one, you can get the Fortnite Galaxy Ikonik skin for free by redeeming it on your phone. Follow our steps below to find out exactly how to do this.

First, download the Fortnite app on your Galaxy S10 Plus. You don’t do this through the Google Play store, however. You’ll need to head to the official Samsung folder, open up the Galaxy Apps area, and tap on the Fortnite banner. Let the game download and be installed. Once this is done, open the quick installation pop-up window, read the terms and conditions, and tap accept.

Once you have logged in to Fortnite, head straight to the in-game store and scroll until you find the Ikonik skin. It should be listed as free here. Tap on the cosmetic item, and you’ll be asked to register a bank card for future in-app purchases. Once you have provided your card details, the Ikonik skin should be available to download. Install it, and then dress up your character in it via the game’s locker.