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Apex Legends Arc Star | How does the Arc Star work?

The Apex Legends Arc Star may be a bit of a mystery to new players. The Thermite Grenade and Frag Grenade are relatively straightforward, but the Arc Star is a little more difficult to understand at first glance. Fortunately, it’s a pretty straightforward device that’s easy to understand once it’s been explained. To start, the Apex Legends Arc Star is a throwing star. The Arc Star won’t bounce like other grenades; rather, it will stick into whatever it happens to hit. Usually, it ends up stuck in the ground or a wall, but it’s entirely possible for a skilled player to land an Arc Star right on top of an enemy.

When an Arc Star detonates, it does two things: it causes 30 damage to all enemies in the area and it applies a stun effect. This stun effect messes up your HUD something fierce and slows you to a walk. In short, you should treat the Arc Star like a sticky stun grenade.

Apex Legends Arc Star | The best ways to use it

Apex Legends Arc Star

Now that you understand how the Apex Legends Arc Star works, it’s best to move on to the best ways to use it. Firstly, you should consider where you’re trying to land a grenade. If you need to bounce a grenade around a corner, the Arc Star is a obviously a poor choice as it will just stick into a wall. However, this sticking effect also makes it a zoning tool that’s almost as good as the Thermite Grenade.

If you’re a particularly good player, you can even stick an Arc Star into an enemy. While a Frag Grenade and Thermite Grenade can be avoided, a direct Arc Star hit will cause 30 unavoidable damage. It’s worthwhile to practice with these things so you can land these valuable direct hits.

Grenades can also destroy doors in Apex Legends. While a Frag Grenade will do the job just as easily, an Arc Star can guarantee that you’ll blow a door to pieces. As a bonus, any players caught in the radius will sustain 30 damage and they’ll be hit with a debilitating stun effect. Efficient!

One last trick: as the Apex Legends 50 Million Players Strong video shows, it’s possible to stick an Arc Star onto one of your allies. This throws back a bit to the days of Perfect Dark on the N64 when you could attach mines to your teammates, effectively turning them into a walking grenade. Check it out!