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Who is V in Devil May Cry 5?

Nero and Dante are back in Devil May Cry 5 but there is one new face that hasn’t quite been in the other games before. His name is V and he is very vexing individual who is even referred to as the “mysterious one” in the game. So who is V in Devil May Cry 5, is V Vergil, and what is his deal? Keep in mind that part of this will include major spoilers for Devil May Cry 5.

Who is V in Devil May Cry 5?

Devil May Cry 5 | Who is V?

V is, obviously, one of the playable characters in Devil May Cry 5 and the game describes him as a “Devil Hunter.” He walks with a cane and has a few demonic companions: a talking bird named Griffon and his panther called Shadow as well as his rock monster, Nightmare. These beasts are what deal damage as V is only able to execute the finishing blow on his enemies. His tattoos are also what binds his lackies to him. Slight spoilers ahead.

V has gone in to hire Dante to eradicate Urizen, the huge powerful demon sitting inside the Qliphoth and waiting to harvest its powerful, legendary fruit. And since Dante needs to turn the lights back on at Devil May Cry, his devil hunting business, he accepts. Heavy spoilers ahead.

But as the game progresses, he reveals that he is actually the human half of Vergil, Dante’s twin brother. Vergil used his blade, Yamato, to separate his human half from his demon half. He thought this would free him and give him more power. And while he did grow powerful, V realized that this was a mistake and thus recruited Dante to stop his demon half.

Although his motives are questionable. It is hinted that V is trying to reunite with his regular self especially as he stabs Urizen to combine back into regular Vergil. Dante seems to notice this as he tries to stop V from doing this at the last second.