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Devil May Cry 5 Switch release date | Is DMC5 coming to Switch?

Devil May Cry 5 on Switch would be a dream for fans of Nintendo and Capcom’s hack-and-slash series. While Capcom has steadily brought ports of their titles to the Switch, fans are on the edge of their seat on whether or not Devil May Cry 5 will make it to the console. Below is everything we know about a Devil May Cry 5 Switch release date.

Is Nintendo Switch getting Devil May Cry 5?

Devil May Cry 5 on Switch

So far we haven’t heard anything about a Devil May Cry 5 Switch release. In fact, the series has never released on a Nintendo console or handheld, so there’s no precedent for the series making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Capcom has been showing the console some love lately, with Mega Man Collection and Mega Man X Collection both coming to the Switch and Resident Evil 0, REmake, and RE4 releasing in May. However, we’ve heard nothing concrete about bringing Devil May Cry over in any form.

Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walker did give us some hope at seeing the series on the Switch, in any case. In an interview with Express, he said that the team would love to see Devil May Cry on Nintendo’s latest console.

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However, given how graphically intense Devil May Cry 5 is, and how much lower performance the Switch is in comparison to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, we probably won’t see the latest game there. More likely, Capcom may port the Devil May Cry HD Collection over, which would at least give Switch owners a chance to play Devil May Cry 1-3 (and possibly 4).

The one chance at Devil May Cry 5 coming to Switch may lie in a cloud-based solution. Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version was released in Japan for the Switch, and most of the computing was done on a remote server as opposed to the Switch itself. However, given that DMC5 is a faster-paced game where timing is essential, the latency introduced by playing it via a stream might detract too much from the experience.

For now, at least, you shouldn’t expect Devil May Cry 5 to get a Switch release date anytime soon.