Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Coming to the Nintendo Switch

In an unexpected move, Capcom has announced that Resident 7 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released in January 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, it’s not actually a conventional port. It will be running on a cloud service, which means that the game will require a constant internet connection to be playable.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is dubbed Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version. It will arrive very soon for Japanese players, with the service starting this week on May 24th, 2018. The game will be exclusively released on the Japanese Nintendo eShop for now, with no official confirmation of an international release date at the time of writing.

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version: Content

Players can play the Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version both while the hybrid console is docked and undocked. It will include all the DLC packs previously released for the other consoles and PC, which means that Nintendo Switch owners will be able to experience everything in a complete package.

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version: How Much?

A trial demo will allow players to experience the first 15 minutes for free. After that period ends, they will have to pay 2000 yen for 180 days of access to the game. That roughly translates to about $18 for a whopping six months of play time. Additionally, save data will be stored on a cloud server instead of being on the console itself. However, Capcom warns that save data for inactive accounts will be subject to deletion at the company’s discretion.

Nintendo Switch owners outside of Japan may need to wait a while longer for an international release. With E3 2018 looming so close on the horizon, that might be when the company decides to announce an international release. In other related news, Capcom recently announced its most profitable year in the company’s history, as well as revealing that Monster Hunter World sales have reached almost eight million units.