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Devil May Cry 5 | How to heal and increase your health bar

How you heal in Devil May Cry 5 is a bit different from the last few entries in the series. Though some of the fundamentals are the same, you’ll find that it can be hard to heal in a pinch. Since you may have to wait quite a while between heals, figuring out how to increase your health bar in Devil May Cry 5 early on will help you tremendously in later levels.

There are no Vitality Stars in Devil May Cry 5, so your options for healing are a bit more limited. However, you’ll find the game is less stingy with the methods below than say DmC: Devil May Cry was.

How to Heal in Devil May Cry 5 | Green Orbs

Devil May Cry 5 Green Orb

The most straightforward way to heal in Devil May Cry 5 is to pick up Green Orbs. However, they’re not always plentiful and around when you need them. There are certain ways you can always find Green Orbs, though.

Devil May Cry 5 How to Heal Green Orb Ore

  • Green Ore: You’ll usually see Green Ore just before or after a big battle. By breaking these open with an attack, you’ll release a decent number of Green Orbs that will give you a moderate to large heal.
  • Individual Green Orbs: You’ll also sometimes just find Green Orbs floating around by themselves. They’ll only give you a small heal for each one collected.
  • By defeating enemies: Some enemies will drop Green Orbs when you beat them. Green Empusa, in particular, will always drop Green Orbs when defeated. These are the little flying bug monsters with green butts that also sometimes heal your enemies.
  • Qliphoth Tentacles: These stinger-equipped tentacles will often drop a Green Orb when defeated. Since they’re so easy to dodge and kill, it’s basically free health.

How to Heal in Devil May Cry 5 | Devil Trigger Mode

Devil May Cry 5 Devil Trigger

You can also heal by using Devil Trigger. When you’re in Devil Trigger mode, you’ll slowly regain your health as long as it’s active.

Sometimes, if your health is really low, it might be best to use some of your Devil Trigger gauge up just for the healing benefits. If you’re about to die it’s better to sacrifice some devil time to ensure you can stick around for the next fight.

How to Heal in Devil May Cry 5 | Sweet Surrender Devil Breaker

Devil May Cry 5 How to Heal Sweet Surrender

This particular way to heal only works if you’re playing as Nero, and you have to own the deluxe edition. One of the bonus Devil Breakers you get from the deluxe edition is Sweet Surrender.

Sweet Surrender is a Devil Breaker created by Nico to “relieve Kyrie’s tension.” Thankfully, it can relieve Nero’s as well, and all he has to do is just kinda set there and let it vibrate. Gross!

Unfortunately, Sweet Surrender isn’t the most effective way to heal, but if you happen upon it during a mission, it’s an excellent way to get a cheap heal before you discard it for something better.

How to increase your health gauge in Devil May Cry 5

Just like in previous games, you can increase your health bar by collecting Blue Orbs. There are two ways you can get Blue Orbs in Devil May Cry 5:

Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragment

  • Blue Orb Fragments: If you take the time to explore each level thoroughly you’ll come upon Blue Orb Fragments. By collecting four of these fragments, you can combine them into one Blue Orb and raise your health.
  • Buying Blue Orbs: Nico also sells Blue Orbs at her fan, or you can buy them at Divine Statues. The first time you buy a Blue Orb, it’ll cost you 3,000 Red Orbs, and the price goes up with each one you buy.

Raising your health bar in Devil May Cry 5 is definitely a worthwhile endeavor, and by the end of your first run you can double or triple your health gauge if you scour each level and spend your Red Orbs wisely.