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Devil May Cry 5 PC Crash Bug | Why can’t I play Devil May Cry 5?

A Devil May Cry 5 PC crash bug is preventing users from being able to start up DMC 5, let alone play Capcom’s latest hack-and-slash title. Players are finding that an error code 6828 crops up when they try to debug it too. Find out what the Devil May Cry 5 PC crash bug fix is with our guide.

Devil May Cry 5 PC crash bug

Devil May Cry 5 PC Crash Bug error 6828

The Devil May Cry 5 PC start up crash bug causes peoples’ games to crash as soon as they begin to load it. The game begins to load but, after five seconds or so, the application crashes.

Steam community forum users, such as Omaegus, have started threads in the Devil May Cry 5 discussion tab to try and get to the bottom of it. Omaegus revealed that trying to debug the error caused a pop up box to appear, with the error message “An unhandled win32 exception occured in DevilMayCry5.exe [6828].”

Replies in Omaegus’ thread suggest that others have encountered this exact issue too, so it isn’t a solitary problem confined to one individual.

Devil May Cry 5 PC crash bug fix

Devil May Cry 5 PC Crash Bug fix

With the game only launching today (March 8), there isn’t an official Devil May Cry 5 PC crash bug fix yet. A couple of players in the above thread have, however, had some success with changing the DirectX file within the configuration of the game’s files.

Steam community member jkot explained that players could find the “dmc 5 config” file in the game’s folder, and change their DirectX from 12 to 11. The workaround worked for a couple of users, but not everyone had success in this area.

For now, your best chance of helping Capcom to see this error is to bump Omaegus’ thread in the discussions tab to keep it at the top of the page. If Capcom’s support team are monitoring this, and they should be on launch day, a fix could be incoming relatively soon.