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Devil May Cry 5 How to Change Costumes | How to unlock costumes

The hotly-anticipated Devil May Cry 5 is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. In the stylish game, you will play as V, Dante, and Nero, all wearing rather spectacular clothes. There are multiple Devil May Cry 5 costumes for players to unlock throughout the course of the adventure. Read on to discover how to make an already stylish game even more stylish thanks to our Devil May Cry 5 how to change costumes guide.

Devil May Cry 5 costumes | What do different costumes do?

Devil May Cry 5 How to Change Costumes

As is now a tradition in the Devil May Cry series, you can unlock and wear multiple new costumes in Devil May Cry 5. Unfortunately, the costumes this time around offer little more than color changes in terms of visual differences. Different costumes, however, will grant you extra powers. Take the Super V unlockable costume for example, which will grant you with unlimited Devil Trigger. This is the same for all three Super costumes.

Unfortunately, it appears as only the Super costumes for Dante, V, and Nero will give you power-ups. For all three, most everything will be powered up, but you will lose an 80 percent score rating with them equipped. There are costumes for other characters too, but these will simply change their appearances. This includes the pre-order DLC of Alt-Hero & Heroine colors.

How to unlock all costumes in Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 How to Change Costumes

While you may be keen to unlock all available costumes in Devil May Cry 5, there aren’t too many to unlock. According to PressStart, aside from the pre-order DLC costumes, there are only five that you can unlock. On top of the EX pre-order DLC costumes for Dante, Nero, Nico, Lady, and Trish, there is also one for V and—spoiler alert—Vergil.

It seems that you will unlock the EX Color V costume after completing 25 missions. The EX Color Vergil costume will unlock after you complete Devil May Cry 5 on Heaven or Hell difficulty. All EX Color costumes simply change the color of your outfit and won’t affect gameplay in any way. All make for a nice little visual change, however.

There are just three costumes that you can unlock that will actually alter gameplay, one each for Dante, Nero, and V. As mentioned above, these Super costumes will power-up your character to ludicrous levels, albeit with an 80 percent reduction to your score for that mission. All you need to do in order to unlock all three is complete the game on the Dante Must Die difficulty level on any rank.

To do this will take time and skill. You see, you will need to unlock the Dante Must Die difficulty option. To do this, you must first complete Devil May Cry 5 on either Human or Devil Hunter first at any rank. Doing this will unlock the Son of Sparda difficulty mode. Once you have completed Devil May Cry 5 on Son of Sparda at any rank you will unlock the Dante Must Die option.

To unlock the three ultra-powerful Super Nero, Dante, and V costumes, you will need to complete the game three times. Playing the game with seemingly all character powers turned up to the max sounds like tons of fun, but that 80 percent hit to your mission score does mean that getting an S Rank will be impossible.

How to change costumes in Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 How to Change Costumes

While most costume alterations in Devil May Cry 5 will only affect the colors of the standard outfits, it’ll still give the game a nice visual change. Any costume you change into will be shown in the cutscenes as well as in gameplay.

For playable characters, you will be able to change into different costumes on the Mission Select screen before heading into a mission. You won’t be able to change costumes of playable characters during missions.

You can change the costumes of non-playable characters via the options menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and you should find the option to do so. It doesn’t look like you will be able to do this while playing through a mission, however.

That’s all there is to it. Once you have chosen a costume before heading into a mission, you will be stuck with it for the entirety of that mission. Be careful about that 80 percent score reduction in the Super Dante, V, and Nero costumes though.