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Devil May Cry 5 Get Red Orbs Fast | How to Farm Red Orbs

Getting Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5 fast is going to be a goal for every player. Red orbs act as your currency in the game, so if you want to buy new abilities, items, or Devil Breakers, you’ll need to learn to farm Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5. Otherwise, you’ll be spending tens of hours just trying to obtain moves for your characters.

Below we describe how to get red orbs in Devil May Cry 5. We’ll also detail the best way we’ve seen to farm them.

How to Get Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5

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There are two primary ways you’ll find Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5:

  • From defeating enemies
  • From breaking Red Ore veins

By just playing through the game you’ll rack up a hefty stash of Red Orbs in DMC5, but there are ways to maximize your income. By getting better stylish ranks while fighting enemies, for example, you’ll get more Red Orbs when you defeat each foe.

You can also get a lot of Red Orbs by defeating certain enemies. Red Empusas drop a considerable amount of orbs as you’re hacking away at them, and you can also get a lot from chopping up engorged Qliphoth roots.

How to farm Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5

If you want to really rake in the orbs, there’s a way to farm them in DMC5. To do this, you have to play until you reach mission 13, at which point you’ll get the Dr. Faust Hat for Dante.

The Dr. Faust hat is kind of a double-edged sword. It can earn you a lot of Red Orbs, but some of its attacks also cost Red Orbs to perform. Also, if you’re interrupted while attacking with it, you’ll lose a chunk of your orb tally.

The key to farming Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5 is to power up the hat. You’ll want to level up Dr. Faust until it’s at level 4. This allows you to absorb the most Red Orbs possible from enemies, but also leaves you open to lose a substantial amount if you’re hit. It’s also helpful to get the Get More Orbs skill that increases your orb collection radius, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

However, the Dr. Faust hat has an attack that makes farming Red Orbs a cinch. If you switch to Gunslinger with it equipped, hold RB/R1 and tap B/Circle to do an area attack with the hat. Often this will stun enemies and allow you just to keep spamming the same attack until they’re dead. Each time an enemy is hit with this attack, they drop a massive amount of Red Orbs. Enough that you can farm around 100,000 or so a minute if you’re in the right area.

There are several areas in the mid-late parts of the game that have enemy spawners. The trick here is just to keep killing enemies. As long as you don’t destroy the spawners, you can just move around a little and spam your area attack and watch your Red Orb total raise to the roof.