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The Division 2 Queue Fix | Can you skip the queuing?

The Division 2 queue system can be frustrating as hell. You boot up your game, expecting to dive into a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., and instead you’re met with a “Connecting” message, followed by a number and “Position in queue.” For some reason, you’re being made to wait before you enjoy your dose of The Division 2. The cheek of it! What you don’t want to do, is angrily push all of the buttons to try and skip the queue. Instead, patience is the best course of action combined with, in our experience, a bit of luck. Here’s what you need to know about The Division 2 queue fix.

Can you skip The Division 2 queue?

The Division 2 Queue Fix

Attempting to skip The Division 2 queue will only end badly. My personal experience had me at 400, before I then backed out and attempted to re-enter. I then ended up at 6,273. Needless to say: Don’t try backing out and going back in. You’ll lose your position and someone else will take your place, ultimately resulting in you spending more time watching a number slowly trickle down. Instead, be patient and you might just get lucky.

From position 6,273, I began to slowly move towards 6,000. At that point, I suddenly jumped ahead to 3,000. Then I saw a flash of 800 and ended up in the game. This whole process happened within a minute, so either the game was being very generous in allowing thousands of players to quickly enter the game, or the queue number isn’t quite accurate. Either way, remaining calm and patient is the best thing you can do in this situation.

The Division 2 queue system is likely in place to steady the flow of incoming connections and lessen the stress upon the game’s servers. It’s possible that we’ll see the queue used less often after launch, where the developers can properly gauge how popular the game is.