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The Division 2 SHD Tech Points | Fast Way to Earn SHD Tech Points

One of the main trees of progression within The Division 2 is the Perk system, which allows players to pick and choose certain passive abilities that enhance their agent. Unfortunately, you can’t just go ahead and unlock every single Perk right at the start of the game. Instead, you’ll need to know how to earn SHD Tech Points. These are awarded in several different ways. Here’s how to get fast The Division 2 SHD Tech Points, and also how to find more SHD Tech Cache locations.

Fast The Division 2 SHD Tech Points

The Division 2 SHD Tech Points

As soon as side missions become available to you, you’ll want to make them your priority. In addition to the significant XP boosts they award, which make you much more capable in gunfights against higher level missions, they also grant a very generous number of SHD Tech Points.

Upon starting the game, you will want to complete the first set of compulsory main missions, before then grinding out some side missions to quickly gain enough points to buy inventory space, armor upgrades, XP boosts, and more. The sooner you invest in these Perks, the better. Get as many SHD Tech Points at the start of the game as possible to benefit from the biggest advantage over time.

The Division 2 SHD Tech Cache | Easy SHD Tech Points

The Division 2 SHD Tech Points

In addition to side missions, you’ll want to be on the lookout for easy SHD Tech Points inside of SHD Tech Caches. As you progress through the story and complete Settlement objectives, you’ll see the SHD Tech Cache markers on your map. Simply head to these locations, easily done when en route to your next mission, and grab the free SHD Tech Points.

While hunting down SHD Tech Caches, be wary of enemies who may be defending the area. Sometimes the Cache is left in the open with no enemies around it, while at other times there are numerous baddies requiring a fight.