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The Division 2 Laboratory Door | Open ‘Recover the DC-62 research’ mission door

The Division 2 laboratory door won’t open and now you can no longer complete the “Recover the DC-62 research” part of the DC-62 Lab Quarantine side mission. Believe me, I know the feeling, as I was also stuck in this area. Happily, after retracing my steps, searching for a key, and any other way to open the door, I finally found the solution. Here is how to open The Division 2 laboratory door.

How to open The Division 2 laboratory door in “Recover the DC-62 research” mission

The Division 2 Laboratory Door

While other The Division 2 doors require you to unlock them by using your government credentials, or by pushing a simple button, the laboratory door in the DC-62 Lab Quarantine side mission demands something else entirely.

You see, there is no traditional key to be used here. Instead, it’s all about good old-fashioned firepower. There are a few doors in this area, all of which can be opened by shooting the rectangular panel next on the door’s edge.

If you hover your crosshair over the door panel, you’ll notice that it turns red, the universal shooter sign that it will be destroyed when shot. Thankfully, shooting this panel doesn’t put the lab into a lockdown state, as perhaps you would expect for high-security experiments like this. In fact, the total opposite happens, with the door springing open and allowing the player access.

Many of the doors in this area open with the same brutal force, though you may have to get creative by aiming through windows to get a good angle on the panels.

Needless to say, if you come across any other challenging puzzles during your The Division 2 playthrough, first use your head and then, if that fails, simply pull your gun out and give it a few bullets. It clearly works a treat in some instances!