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The Division 2 Dark Zone Door Won’t Open Fix | South, West, East gate stays closed guide

As you make your way through The Division 2 campaign, gathering up White House staff, you’ll soon start to acquire missions from Senait Ezera, the Dark Zone Officer. Her initial set of missions are labeled as “Recon,” with “Dark Zone South Recon,” “Dark Zone West Recon,” and “Dark Zone East Recon” all becoming available. These recon missions task players with entering the three different Dark Zones and making them accessible to other agents. Unfortunately, the Dark Zone doors that permit entrance and exit have proven to be exceptionally buggy. I’ve personally experienced problems with all three gates — South, West, and East — staying closed and refusing to open. Thankfully, I’ve eventually managed to solve the problem, and I can now share this The Division 2 Dark Zone door won’t open fix with you.

Why won’t The Division 2 Dark Zone door open?

The Division 2 Dark Zone Door Won't Open Fix

For whatever reason, The Division 2 Dark Zone doors refuse to open. Sometimes you just can’t get the “Open Gate” prompt to appear on the PC, or you can’t get through an access tunnel, or the next stage of the mission just simply refused to activate. You can hear Senait Ezera introducing the mission, but you’re never actually able to gain access to the Dark Zone.

This is understandably frustrating, as the three Dark Zones are one of the features that makes The Division 2 unique, offering some intense PvPvE gameplay, as well as some of the best loot in the game.

How to open The Division 2 Dark Zone South, West, and East doors

The Division 2 Dark Zone Door Won't Open Fix

Thankfully, there are some ways to troubleshoot this issue and open The Division 2 Dark Zone South, West, and East doors. Of course, the best fix would be to see developer Massive Entertainment roll out a patch that solves the mission triggers refusing to activate.

While we’re waiting for the (hopefully coming soon) fix, I’d recommend that you first try completely rebooting the game and heading to the gate once again. When you hear Senait Ezera speaking, stand still and let her lines play out. Then continue on.

If the Dark Zone doors still won’t open, try completing a different mission and then returning to the gate. For example, I completed the side mission close to the South gate, which apparently acted as the solution there, despite being unrelated.

In my experience, it can take up to five attempts to get the gates to open, and for the mission to progress.