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The Division 2 Level Cap | What’s the maximum rank?

The Division 2 level cap will be the source of much intrigue ahead of launch day. You may be wondering what the maximum rank is that you rank up to, and whether this cap will be removed in the Endgame or DLC content. See what The Division 2 level cap is with our help.

The Division 2 Level Cap | What’s the max level?

division 2 level cap max rank 30

The Division 2 level cap will be level 30 for the main campaign. By the time you head out on the final mission of the main story, you will be (or, at least, should be) at level 30, so you need not worry about going into it under the max rank.

You will be free to explore other parts of the map, and take part in missions, above your current rank if you aren’t at the required level. Be aware, however, that doing so can be costly for you. If you’re under level and under prepared, you’ll find it hard going and may even live to regret participating until you’re strong enough.

The Division 2 Level Cap | Can I progress past rank 30?

division 2 level cap dlc endgame

At the moment we’re not entirely sure. With three batches of DLC to come intermittently throughout 2019, and plenty of content available in The Division 2 Endgame segment, we’d be very surprised if you can’t. It would be a bit strange to have more content post-launch, and be stuck at level 30 for all of it.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are rightly keeping that information close to their chests. There’s no immediate need to tell players if they can progress past rank 30 as you won’t need to be higher than that to enjoy the bulk of the game.

We will find out more about this query when Ubisoft releases more information on their post-launch content. With the first DLC pack  the Outskirts  not to due to land until the summer though, we’ll be waiting a good three months at least.