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The Division 2 Delta-03 Error | What is the Delta-03 error?

The Division 2 is out this week, and early access players are already enjoying Ubisoft’s latest loot shooter. No matter what, however, as an online game it will always be afflicted with connection problems and other errors. You may be experiencing one right now, such as The Division 2 Delta-03 error. If you get this error you might be unable to continue playing The Division 2, but what is it and how do you fix it? We’ve got the answers.

What is The Division 2 Delta-03 error?

If you’re hit by the Delta-03 error, you may also have been stuck in a queue and unable to proceed into a game of The Division 2. Then, of course, you’ll get the error message above, which informs you that you’ve been disconnected from the game for unknown reasons. It suggests checking your internet connection or The Division 2‘s server status, which basically means it’s either your problem or everyone’s.

Checking your own internet is easy, just open up an internet page and see if it works, or try another online game. If everything’s fine, check The Division 2‘s server status, which you can do several places, such as here, or possibly the game’s Twitter feed. If there’s a problem, though, then how do you fix it?

How do you fix The Division 2 Delta-03 error?

If there’s a problem with your own internet you’ll have to sort it out yourself, either through your internet supplier, router, or PC/console. If The Division 2 is down, however, or experiencing troubles, then unfortunately you’ll just have to wait and see. Keep an eye on the game’s official Twitter feed for any updates, as most of the time the team there will say if there is server maintenance or the servers are being reset. This can be different depending on your location, however. Unfortunately, the only real fix is patience.