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New Apex Legends Characters | Wattson, Crypto, Prophet, Nomad, Octane, and more

It’s been over a month since Apex Legends released, and so it’s understandable why some players might be getting impatient about when new content will be coming to the game. Where’s the battle pass? Where are the new Apex Legends characters? These are both questions we want answers to. Happily, thanks to the work of dedicated dataminers, we now have an idea of the potential new Apex Legends heroes who will be coming to the game. And it’s not just a small leak, either, as all of the following Legends (with accompanying images) have been unearthed: Crypto, Hussaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, Skunner, Wattson, and Octane.

Who are the new Apex Legends characters?

New Apex Legends Characters

Thanks to the collaborative datamining and compiling efforts of users shrugtal, Loudwindow, and Surgent179 (via frozenfroh), we now have information about new Apex Legends characters that were found within the game files. Thanks to a recent update to the datamining tools used to dig deep into Apex Legends, miners have been able to find new images and information about possible new heroes.

There are 10 new characters in total, though only Wattson and Octane have detailed icons. This has led dataminers to believe that these two heroes will be the first characters to be added to the game. They will then be followed by Crypto, Hussaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, and Skunner.

The order of the remaining heroes isn’t yet clear, nor are they guaranteed to be added. This is all purely from datamined files that can be later deleted. It is possible for work-in-progress heroes to never make it into the final build, so do bear that in mind.

New Apex Legends character release date

New Apex Legends Characters

As for when the new Apex Legends character release date will be, we can expect to see new Legends during March, when the first season of the battle pass is scheduled to launch. These are likely to be Wattson and Octane. Subsequent heroes are to be added every following season, according to the game’s roadmap.