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The Division 2 Photo Mode | How to take photos

It seems like every game out there features a photo mode and The Division 2 is no different. The trouble is, The Division 2 Photo Mode is a little hidden and can prove tricky to use. That’s why we’re here. If you’re looking to take the best Division 2 photos you can follow our guide. Just keep it snappy.

The Division 2 Photo Mode | How to use photo mode

The Division 2 Photo Mode

Unfortunately, there is just the one way that you can use Photo Mode in The Division 2. Unlike in other games, there isn’t an option for you to turn it on or off and then press the correct buttons to start it up. Instead, you will have to pause the game every time you wish to use it.

You will find the Division 2 Photo Mode on the game’s pause menu. It doesn’t matter what console you are playing the game on, either, the pause menu is the only way to access the photo mode. No hotkeys for you PC players.

Simply press the pause button and you will see that it says “Photo Mode” at the bottom of the screen. Simply hold down the button it tells you to and photo mode will open. Be warned, though. The Division 2 is an online-only game, so taking photos will be tricky as the game won’t stop to let you catch the best shot.

The Division 2 Photo Mode | How to take a photo

The Division 2 Photo Mode

The photo mode in The Division 2 works as you’d expect, with free roam camera (at a limited distance). You’ll be able to apply different effects to the shot, too, such as color filters and vignettes. Presets exist, of course, which might make the process a little quicker.

We’d recommend not entering into photo mode while in a gunfight, however. The game world won’t pause around you while you take the perfect shot. Someone might make the perfect shot and kill you while you try to take a photo. Photos you take on PS4 and PC will save locally onto the system, while any Division 2 photo you take on Xbox One will save online. Now get out there and become a photography master.