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The Division 2 Rogue States | Rogue, Disavowed, Manhunt states

Ah, the friendly locals of the Dark Zones, we can now head back to the lovely PvP mode in The Division 2. Inside of The Division 2 Dark Zones are the new Rogue States that your character can go into. What are The Division 2 Rogue States? What does it all mean?

We’re here to let you in on all you need to know about Rogue States in The Division 2. Details on The Division 2 Rogue, The Division 2 Disavowed, and The Division 2 Manhunt states can be found below.

What are The Division 2 Rogue States?

The Division 2 Rogue States

The Dark Zones in The Division 2 have been given something of a facelift when compared to those in the original. Yes, you can still enter The Dark Zones and fight for loot with and against other players, but new Rogue States have been introduced. This is an expanded system when compared to the original Division game.

In The Division 2, there are three Rogue States you can enter into inside of the Dark Zones. These are Rogue, Disavowed, and Manhunt. These three work in a tier system. First you become a Rogue Agent, then you’ll be Disavowed, and then finally you’ll enter into a Manhunt state. You will advance through the tiers when you fulfill certain scenarios. As soon as you go Rogue, however, enemy players will be able to kill you. Careful now.

When you have committed several different Rogue actions, you will unlock access to the location of the Thieves’ Dens. Head here to clear your Rogue State and exit with all of your stolen loot. Below, you’ll find exactly how you can enter into each of the three Rogue States.

The Division 2 Rogue States | How to go Rogue

The Division 2 Rogue States

If you want to head to one of the Thieves’ Dens on the Dark Zone map to clear your name and escape with all your loot, you will first need to go Rogue. Thankfully, entering into Rogue State (Gray Rogue) is easy. Again, be warned that as soon as you go Rogue, you can be killed by other players. Timing is everything.

To go Rogue, you need to perform one of the following actions:

  • Access an SHD Terminal
  • Hijack an extraction
  • Pick a locked chest
  • Steal Dark Zone drops
  • Steal dropped loot

Performing any one of the above actions will ensure you go Gray Rogue. Complete a number of these actions and you should unlock the locations of the Thieves’ Dens.

The Division 2 Rogue States | How to go Disavowed

The Division 2 Rogue States

Once you are a Gray Rogue, you can become a Disavowed Agent. To do so, you will need to again perform a certain action. It’s a grisly action, too. To enter into a Disavowed Rogue State you will need to kill another player. Of course, you can only do this if you are already a Gray Rogue. Going Disavowed will place a more visible red marker on you, along with a bounty.

The more players you kill, the larger the bounty on your head will be. The bounty will last a set amount of time, however, which increases if you kill more enemies. If you survive until the timer runs out, though, you get to keep the bounty. The enemy that kills you will otherwise win your bounty. Talk about risk/reward gameplay. There’s another stage to go still, however.

The Division 2 Rogue States | How to enter into Manhunt State

The Division 2 Rogue States

Once you are a Disavowed Agent, you will be able to enter into the Manhunt Rogue State. Essentially, when you kill a lot of enemies, you will enter into the highest Rogue State the game has to offer. You will be marked yellow for all other players to see that you are dangerous and full of rewards.

Heading into Manhunt mode will increase your bounty and its timer dramatically. This means that if you survive your rewards will be great. When you enter into the Manhunt Rogue State, you will be made aware of several assigned SHD terminals. Head to one of them before another player kills you in order to clear your Manhunt State, or to increase your notoriety level and bounty. Not for the faint-of-heart.

Remember to head to a Thieves’ Den in order to completely clear your name and walk away with all your loot. Certain Thieves’ Dens will contain a vendor offering incredible loot at an incredible cost. It’s all about how much pressure you can take in the Dark Zones.