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The Division 2 Specialized Ammo | How can I get more specialized ammo?

The Division 2 players have been complaining recently that they are running out of specialized weapon ammo in the endgame specialization missions. This issue is causing frustration for players since you don’t get to use the specialized weapons very often in the game, and when they are getting to use them at the end of the game, they’re running out of ammo quickly. Not only is this a disappointment, but it also makes the mission significantly harder since the specialized weapons are quite powerful. However, just because specialized ammo isn’t being dropped in ways you would expect in The Division 2, doesn’t mean that you cannot get it at all. Specialized ammo is still being dropped, but in a way that rewards players for playing to each specializations strengths.

How can I get more specialized ammo in The Division 2?

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It’s understandable that players are frustrated with the lack of specialized ammo available to them in the endgame specializations of The Division 2. While getting a refill on specialized ammo is rare, it is not impossible. According to a tweet from Fredrik Thylander, the lead designer at Ubisoft Massive, “Signature ammo has a specific way to gain it for each specialization. Demolition gets it through explosive kills, survivalist through killing status affected enemies, sharpshooter, through headshot kills.” So, according to Thylander, you need to kill enemies in a specific way, based on whatever specialization that you are using. This system rewards players for adapting to the playstyle of each specific specialization.

Hopefully, this will clear a few things up for players having trouble getting more specialized ammo. There is a bit of a debate among players, questioning if this system is flawed or not. Some argue that it is too hard to get specialized ammo while others say that it is rewarding players who learn the character’s specialization. Both sides of the argument are valid, and I believe that Ubisoft will take a look at players complaints and address it before the full launch of The Division 2 on March 15th.