Box art - The Division 2

The Division 2 Split-Screen | Can you play local co-op?

The Division 2 is known for its co-op gameplay; in fact, it’s one of the selling points of the game. However, a frequently asked question is whether or not The Division 2 offers split-screen or local co-op. After all, what’s more fun than playing a game with a friend from the comfort of your couch.

Below we’ll tell you everything there is to know about The Division 2 split-screen capabilities and whether or not local co-op is possible.

Does The Division 2 have split-screen local co-op?

The original The Division lacks split-screen or local co-op and only features online multiplayer. This seems to be a trait shared by other “games as a service” titles, and split-screen, in general, is becoming a rare feature in games. The ability to play local co-op is something fans want, but it seems like something developers have let fall by the wayside for one reason or another.

The Division 2 does not allow you to play split-screen local co-op. Like its predecessor, multiplayer is wholly online, and there’s no way for two players to enjoy the game at the same time on the same console. With The Division 2, this is somewhat understandable. The large open-world means that basically, two separate instances of the game would have to run at the same time, or players would have to stay a certain amount of distance from the host.

The PS4 and Xbox One would probably not be capable of running two instances of The Division 2 with enough performance or fidelity to allow the game to be enjoyable. Even high-end gaming PCs would likely have issues doing so at anything above the lowest settings. Unlike games that seem to omit split-screen for no good reason, it actually makes sense that this title doesn’t include the feature seeing as technical issues would likely make it a mess.