Black Desert Mediah update patch notes

Following its initial PC launch back in 2014, Black Desert recently released on Xbox One, just a few days ago on March 13, 2019. This popular MMORPG found success with its console release, and now the developers at at Pearl Abyss have announced their first Black Desert expansion, which is completely free to players. Known as the Mediah update, this is just one of many planned for Black Desert, and it’s available to players today through a free update. Read on to learn more about the Black Desert free Mediah update.

What is the Mediah update for Black Desert?

Black Desert

In the Mediah update, players are able to follow the all-new Mediah storyline and explore various sidequests set across the namesake area. Much of the action is based around the center of Mediah, specifically the bustling town known as Altinova. The city was a hub for trade while the surrounding cities of Calpheon, Serendia, and Valencia were occupied by war. Altinovia decided to remain neutral in the war and focus on trading with the surrounding towns who were engaged in the conflict. This resulted in Altinovia becoming the capital of Mediah, due to it being a trading powerhouse and full of natural beauty.

In addition to exploring Mediah, the new update also brings about a few changes: Primarily, level caps were removed for players, allowing them to build up their characters as much as they want. One way to do that is to visit the all-new Red Battlefield, where players can engage in PvP battles to power up their characters. Kaia Gear and Dim Magical Armor are also now available to players who have leveled up enough. To read more about the Mediah update, you can check out the full press release.

Black Desert has seen a lot of success since its Xbox One release at the beginning of March, so much so that the developers have had to double their server capacity to hold all of the players. If the crew at Pearl Abyss continue to offer free content for the game, we imagine that success will continue to grow.