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The Division 2 Anti-Cheat System | Toxicity and exploit prevention

Ubisoft has installed a Division 2 anti-cheat system that will stop players from exploiting their RPG shooter title. Measures have been put in place to prevent players exploiting the game’s resources, as well as systems to halt toxicity during PvP encounters. Find out what The Division 2 anti-cheat system will do fully be reading below.

The Division 2 Anti-Cheat System | Improvements

division 2 anti-cheat system exploit cheaters

Ubisoft has taken on feedback from the community after players were left unimpressed with how cheaters and griefers took advantage of the first game. The Division 2 anti-cheat system has improved four key areas, which we have handily bullet pointed for you to read below.

  • Client/server revamp to allow more things to be handled on the server side, and limit the amount of data that can be modified by cheaters
  • Improvements to cheat detection in a bid to weed out exploiters
  • Internal and third-party anti-cheat software implemented to halt cheaters who are trying to hack client and/or server ends
  • Dark Zone Voice-over Internal Protocol (VOIP) has been revamped to prevent toxicity during PvP conflict matches. Users have the ability to disable proximity VOIP if they wish though

The Division 2 Anti-Cheat System | Will it work?

division 2 anti-cheat system toxicity pvp dark zone

There’s no telling if cheaters and griefers will be stopped from exploiting the game, or from increasing toxicity levels with The Division 2 anti-cheat system. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have worked hard to overhaul this area of the franchise though. Hopes are high that it will but, until everyone gets their hands on the game, we won’t know for sure.

If nothing else, players can’t level criticism at Ubisoft and Massive for not trying to eradicate this behaviour from their game. They could have let stuff like this slide, and paid the price for it with negative reviews and people turning their backs on the game and series. Fingers crossed it does the job to let everyone enjoy this title.