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The Division 2 Friendly Fire | Is Friendly Fire enabled?

Making it through combat in The Division 2 is already difficult enough, without having to worry about your teammates’ errant bullets affecting you. The Division 2 Friendly Fire could be a massive consideration for your squad, as if your teammates can be damaged by your own bullets, the spray-and-pray tactic could inflict some heavy damage. In the original game, your gunfire never affected any of your teammates. However, it looks like Friendly Fire may feature in The Division 2, but it won’t be enabled across all game modes. Read on to find out is Friendly Fire enabled?

The Division 2 Friendly Fire | Is Friendly Fire enabled?

The Division 2 Friendly Fire

The Division 2 has a major emphasis on co-op gameplay, with Ubisoft advertising it as the best way to play through the game’s story. As such, Friendly Fire is not enabled in most areas in the game. Throughout the story, you’re free to fire with reckless abandon in the general direction of your teammates, as your gunfire won’t deal damage to them. While this also covers most of the Dark Zone elements of The Division 2,  the Occupied zones are the only game mode in which Friendly Fire is enabled. Occasionally, one of the three Dark Zones will be occupied by Black Tusk for a limited time, introducing entirely different rules for that area.

In an Occupied zone, your gunfire will affect your teammates, as Friendly Fire is enabled in this one area. In addition, your gear and weapons will no longer be normalized in that Occupied Dark Zone, enemies will be much stronger, and the rewards from the Occupied zone will be far better. This area is likely to be more chaotic than your usual Dark Zone experience, especially considering that your own squad could knock you down by accident. If getting the best gear sets in The Division 2 is worth that risk for you, then good luck.