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The Division 2 PC Static | How to turn off the crackle sound effects

The Division 2 is out now, and many players are complaining about various different bugs and glitches within the game. One such issue is The Division 2 PC static bug. An annoying bug, crackle sound effects in The Division 2 are ruining the game for some. Read on to learn what’s likely causing your copy of The Division 2 to be full of terrible static noises and hissing that cover the music, voices, and more. Below, you will also learn of a potential fix for the problem.

The Division 2 PC Static | What’s causing the crackling noises?

The Division 2 PC Static

Thanks to this official Ubisoft Support Forum thread, we know that there is an issue in The Division 2 on PC that is causing the game to feature loud and ear-scrapingly awful static and crackling noises. It all but renders the game unplayable for some, unfortunately. Thankfully, it seems to only be affecting players using similar sound cards and adapters.

According to the thread linked to above, the issue is being caused by the Creative Sound Blaster X G1 adapter (potentially other onboard sound devices, too). Turning it off and using the PC’s standard sound blaster should get rid of the noises, but you won’t be feeling the full effect of your expensive Creative sound card if you do so. It appears as though The Division 2 doesn’t get along with the Creative Sound Blaster X G1 adapter.

Thankfully, it seems as though there is a workaround for the problem.

How to fix The Division 2 PC static bug

The Division 2 PC Static

Again, thanks to the official support forum thread, it appears as though there is a fix for the static problems affecting some Division 2 players. “If you experience the strange static noise that seems to get worse the more sounds are playing at once,” you can “fix it by changing the sample rate of [your] audio device to 24bit and 48000 Hz.”

To change your audio device output to 24bit and 48000 Hz, head into “Manage Audio Devices” on Windows 10. You can use the search bar to find it if you need to. Once there, “right-click on your audio device and select properties.” Inside properties, go into the “Advanced” tab. Simply enter in the sample rate listed above and your game’s sound should be fixed.

Despite the potential fix, it isn’t an official one. If it doesn’t work for you, you can try disabling VoIP in the in-game menus too. If nothing works, you’re going to have to wait for an official patch to fix the problem we’re afraid.

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