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The Division 2 Ivory Key Locations | Get Ivory Keys and all Hunter locations

The Division 2, the second game in Ubisoft’s popular loot shooter series, is out now, and players from all over the world are already combing the ruined streets of Washington for the best loot in the game. However, the best reward of them all may very well be locked in a special chest in the White House itself, and you need special items called Ivory Keys to open it. But what are The Division 2 Ivory key locations?

We’ve got all the answers currently available regarding the Ivory keys in The Division 2. We’ll show you how to get these Ivory keys, the locations for all 12 Hunters currently in the game at this time, and the final reward you get for opening the White House case. You’ll need to be quite a high level to undertake this quest, and we can’t promise you’ll get out of it alive. That’s the risk you take in The Division 2, we guess.

What are Ivory keys?

Ivory keys are a special loot drop in The Division 2 from certain enemies. You need them to open the special chest in the White House, and you’ll need to get a total of 8 to do that. The chest itself is located in the first floor of the White House. If you start on the top floor of the building, where Manny was in your first mission, head down the stairs to the first floor, turn left and head down the hallway. Just on your right, past the folders, is a large black case, which looks a lot like a weapon case. It’s locked, of course, and the only note is that it requires 8 of these Ivory keys to open. So let’s get to it.

How to get Ivory keys

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The only way to get Ivory keys is to defeat Hunter bosses. These guys are the secret bosses in The Division 2, and they’re hiding throughout the game world. These Hunters are tough to kill, and you’ll probably have to solve some form of puzzle to make them spawn in the first place. They’re usually around level 35 or more, so they’re a part of the endgame content for The Division 2. Don’t go looking for them before you’re adequately levelled, prepared, and equipped to deal with them, and preferably have friends on your side.

Once defeated, Hunters drop special masks, but they also have a chance to drop Ivory keys. Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed that they will drop the Ivory keys you need, and there are only a limited number of these Hunter bosses in the game at this time. You can’t repeat them on your own, either. So how do you get to 8 Ivory keys? The only way is to repeat a Hunter battle is to join up with at least one other player who hasn’t already killed the Hunter in question. No matter what, getting 8 of these keys is going to be tough.

All The Division 2 Ivory key locations we know of at this time

To get Ivory keys, as mentioned, you’ll need to find and kill Hunter bosses, so for Ivory key locations we really mean Hunter locations. There are 12 Hunters in total to be found in the game at this time, and we’ve got the locations for all of them below. They’re all scattered over the game map, and you need to activate them somehow. Here’s all the Hunter locations we currently know about, but remember two things: they don’t respawn if you’ve already beaten them (you need another player to do it if you have), and they’re not guaranteed to drop Ivory keys. Oh, and please note that sometimes you’ll get more than one Hunter for your trouble, so be prepared. Still, you’ll definitely get some cool masks for your trouble, at the very least.

  • In West Potomac Park, north-east of the Lincoln Memorial. Enter an open sewer manhole, proceed through, then head up until you find a laptop. Turn it on and a moon symbol will appear on the map above, along with an “X” symbol. This means you have to go to this location at night. In-between all the waterlogged crates you’ll see a small construction with a single lightbulb hanging from the top. Shoot it, and the Hunter will spawn.
  • On the eastern side of the map, south-east of the Federal Triangle, north of the East Mall, you’ll find a park. Three Hunters will spawn here once you’ve prompted them. Go to the Pavilion “Coffee and Eatery” cafe nearby, at the top of the stairs, and check the counter. There’s a green coffee machine here, with a small lever attached to the counter itself next to it. Pull the lever, and head downstairs to the big Christmas tree. Some reports say you have to run around the Christmas tree clockwise to make the Hunters spawn, others say they should just appear once you get to the tree. There may also be a fourth Hunter just wandering around this area, if you’re lucky. Or unlucky…
  • Head to the north-eastern part of the map, at the National Portrait Gallery, which is northeast of the Theater. Go to the center of the Atrium and look for two doors opposite each other. First head to the courtyard’s south door, which takes you into the lobby. Behind the desk is a computer, which you’ll get a prompt to interact with. Do so. Head back to the courtyard and through the door directly opposite, to the north. There’ll be a telephone here behind a counter, which you’ll also need to interact with. Head back to the atrium, and the Hunter will dramatically appear. Just one, this time.
  • Also in the north-eastern part of the map, there’s a building between the White House and the Theater, which is part of the territory control event. Head down the green escalators to the white area and metro corridors, then head up the overgrown staircase, and go on to the vine-covered platform. Look closely at the windows on the north side, and you’ll see four targets. Shoot them and the Hunter will spawn.
  • There’s a monument in the south-eastern corner of the map, south-west of Capitol Hill. Go there at night and shoot the light that was shining on the memorial. Stand next to the flag and start saluting it with the emote, and eventually the Hunter will show up.
  • On the edge of the map in the north-western part, at the Potomac Event Center, you can find two more Hunters if you know where to look. In the middle of this big complex, near the field hospital, you’ll find a rather ruined swimming pool. Jump in, stand on the board at the center of the pool, and face the numbers on the side. Now, start doing jumping jacks with the emote. Keep doing it and the two Hunters will spawn, so be ready for them.
  • The 11th Hunter in the game has to be tracked down at night, so after 19:00. You’ll need to first go to the Washington Monument, in the center/southern part of the map, basically where you started the game. Clear it of enemies, and then find an elevator door that’s slightly bent open. Pry open the elevator door and proceed down the shaft to the level below. There’s a TV screen on the wall between two giant fans, with a button to turn it on. Push it. It’ll show three locations nearby, which you’ll have to visit. There are graves at each of these locations. You have to visit these graves in a particular order, which is north to south (so head to the furthest point from the Washington Monument first, which is just next to a Control Point). When you get there, you’ll need to salute the grave with the emote, and you should see static when you do so correctly. Head back to the monitor and push the button again, and it should show an orange circle. The good news is, if you get the next part wrong or the Hunter doesn’t show, you don’t have to do the graves bit again. Then, head north and a bit east to an area just before the Monument park hits Constitution Avenue, called the General Care Monument Field Hospital, with a Missing Persons sign as you’re walking in. You’re looking for a crane holding a storage bin aloft. If there’s any enemies nearby, you’ll need to clear them first, then the Hunter should spawn on the bin. The catch is, you need to kill him in one shot. If you fail, either logout or wait until the next night, then go press the button again.
  • The 12th and final Hunter in the game is located very close by to the 11th, and spawns as part of the same process. This one is located on top of a hut south-east of Hunter 11, and north of the Washington Monument. If they see you, they’ll disappear, so you’ll need to similarly hit them at a distance. Both Hunters 11 and 12 can respawn in other locations nearby, but it’s easiest to get them at their initial spots. Make sure to clear out the area before you head for them.

What loot do you get for opening the Ivory key case?

Once you’ve been lucky and patient enough to collect all 8 Ivory keys, head back to the case at the White House and open it. You’ll get a “Hunter’s Axe” backpack keychain, a weapon shader for your guns, and a powerful high-end weapon, such as the Shield-Splinterer F2000 assault rifle. You’ll get a different weapon based on your tier level and you won’t get a blueprint for it, so it’s best to hold off opening the case until you reach a high-level tier. You don’t want to have to do all that again, do you?

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