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The Division 2 Skills Not Working Fix | Why is my drone and turret vanishing?

There’s a big problem with The Division 2 Skills not working. Even an Agent who has barely scratched the surface in Washington D.C. will have spotted their turrets and drones vanishing or not deploying, but there’s also a more general Skills bug that needs addressing too, with many simply not doing what they’re supposed to do or cooldown timers not counting down. That’s despite a firm click of the R1 and RB button. Below, we’ll look at turrets and drones in specific detail before moving on to a more specific Skills not working fix in The Division 2 because, as you’ll find out, there’s a handful of workarounds that are coupled with an imminent patch that should see this problem be done away with once and for all.

After a relatively smooth launch for The Division 2 a few days ago, players are starting to experience an issue causing their skills to be reset. Players are complaining about activating their skills, but then having them disappear within seconds. This can be especially annoying since skills are one of the main features in the game. Instead of being able to use their skills, players are left frustrated because they are simply not working. The good news is, according to Ubisoft, there is a fix coming for the skill reset problem!

The Division 2 Disappearing Tech Bug | Why does my turret and drone vanish?

The Division 2 Skills Not Working

The Division 2 disappearing tech bug is affecting players who use turrets and/or drones during firefights. Gamers have found that, when they deploy either item, they despawn almost immediately. To make matters worse, each skill is then put on a 15-second cooldown timer so you can’t try using them again straight away.

Threads such as this one, on the Ubisoft support forums, is full of players who have encountered this glitch. The problem has only surfaced since The Division 2 Day One patch went live. Gamers were able to deploy their tech without any issues ahead of the game’s full launch on March 15 but, since then, nobody can get these skills to work properly.

Some players had thought that the issue was due to the level that their agents were currently at, but this isn’t the case. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’ve just started the game, or if you’re at the max rank. You’ll be affected by this bug regardless of your experience.

It isn’t reserved for one platform either. Players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 have all come across this bug, so Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have their work cut out.

The Division 2 Disappearing Tech Bug | Is there a fix?

The Division 2 Skills Not Working

Not at the moment, but one is on its way shortly. Ubisoft’s support staff, in the thread above, have revealed that the development team is aware of the problem. They’re actively looking to fix it, but no official solution has been found at the time of writing.

A couple of players thought that they had found a temporary fix, but it wasn’t to be. Forum user Spillmester thought it was an issue that only afflicted you if you used the Overlap talent, but they were wrong. Sometimes, busting some fix myths can be just as useful as finding a fix!

A timetable has not been given yet by Ubisoft, but Community Developer Chris Gansler assured players that there is indeed a fix coming. On an official Ubisoft support thread, he said, “This is our highest priority right now and we understand how incredibly frustrating it can be.” He goes on to say that he has personally experienced the same issues, so he knows how frustrating it can be. He ends by assuring players that a patch is coming, and that “the dev team is hard at work to fix this.”

At the time that this article was written, Gansler’s comment was 7 hours old and no specific timeframe was given for the patch. So I would expect that a fix would be coming within the next few days, especially if it is their highest priority.

The Division 2 Skills Not Working | Which Skills don’t work?

The Division 2 Skills Not Working

It might be easier to list which Skills do work at this point. In all seriousness, from testing, it appears that Drones and Turrets are a major no-go, while the Chem Launcher can also be a bit finicky. Non-combat Skills, such as Shield and Pulse are a-ok, while Hive, Firefly, and Seeker Mine all vary in terms of their usefulness and whether they work or not.

TL;DR? Don’t use the Drone/Turret combination, for the love of God. Just… don’t.

The Division 2 Skills Not Working | How to fix

The Division 2 Skills Not Working

Alongside waiting for a patch for a fix to turrets and drones disappearing, there’s also a slight workaround to at least help alleviate some of the headaches you’ve inevitably been getting when discovering Skills not working in The Division 2. It may not have a 100 percent success rate, but removing gear (such as kneepads) that come bolted with cooldown bonuses may help fix the issue for some. Again, it’s not a certainty but, at this point in time, a half-working Skill is better than no Skill at all.

It’s also going to be worth making a note of which Skills definitively don’t work, alongside combos of Skills that are proving to be troublesome and 1) Avoid using them and putting Skill points into them for the time being and 2) Passing on the info to Ubisoft Support. The sooner we can work with the devs to give them copious amounts of evidence to work with, the better. Hopefully, a fix should be deployed by March 22, as a period of longer than a week would be a minor disaster.

There don’t really seem to be any reported temporary fixes for the skill reset problem right now. Some players are having luck getting it to work occasionally, but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. The best thing to do is just to play through the issue and wait on a patch from Ubisoft. While this can be annoying, it seems that the only thing we can do is wait.

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