Watch Google GDC 2019 Stream | What time it starts and what to expect

The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) kicked off this morning (March 18th) with conferences from various game developers and programmers. GDC offers a week for everyone in the gaming industry to get together and educate one another on the ebbs and flows of the gaming industry, as well as share ideas and offer feedback. This year, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the Google GDC event, with everyone expecting a gaming related announcement. While no one really knows what to expect, it does seem that it is going to be some major gaming related announcement. We are very excited about the announcement and have all the details for you surrounding Google’s GDC conference, including what time it starts, where to watch the stream, and what to expect.

Why are we expecting anything from Google?

While no one knows exactly what Google is going to announce, it seems to be pretty clear that they are going to make a gaming related announcement, likely along the lines of a new console or streaming service. Back in October, Google announced a new project they had been working on, called Project Stream. It essentially allowed users to stream games at 1080p/60 FPS from the Cloud onto their Google Chrome browser without having to purchase a pricey graphics card. Google launched the Project Stream Beta with a successful test of the popular Assasins Creed: Odyssey. Since then, they haven’t tested any more games, and there hasn’t been much noise surrounding Project Stream until the last few days.

Google GDC

On March 9th, supposed photos of a gaming controller created by Google got leaked. In typical internet fashion, it was all over the place in a matter of hours. The design was met with dislike, due it its flashy colors and bulky build. However, it was later announced that the leaked pictures were only fan-made mockups of a controller based on a patent that Google filed for. While the controller ended up being fake, the fact that a patent was filed got people talking.

Google GDC

What to expect from Google at GDC 2019

Just a few days after the controller leak, Google sent out a tweet, announcing “Google’s vision for the future of gaming”, stating that it would be unveiled at their GDC conference on Tuesday, March 19th. No one is exactly sure what they are going to announce, but a lot of people are expecting Google to get in the hardware game, much like Sony did back in the epic battle between Nintendo and Sega. We have been in an Xbox and PlayStation world for so long (and Nintendo, but they do their own thing), so it’s pretty cool to think of someone else entering the hardware fight.

There is lots of speculation that Google is going to announce some sort of gaming console at GDC. Personally, I believe that they are going to announce some type of digital-only/streaming-based console that is similar to the recently announced Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. With the success of Project Stream, it seems inevitable that whatever they announce will be built on that. Additionally, the patent for a controller is interesting and makes me think that there will be some type of physical hardware release to go along with it.

I think that whatever they announce will have a similar business plan as Xbox GamePass and PlayStation Now, in that it will allow players to download their favorite games on the spot. I find it hard to believe that they will be releasing any kind of console that accepts physical discs. While this post only touches the surface of the rumors for whatever Google has planned for GDC, it is pretty exciting to think of another competitor entering the gaming hardware race!

When and where to watch Google’s GDC 2019 Conference

Google will take the stage at GDC on Tuesday, March 18th at 10 AM ET/1 PM PT. You can watch the conference live on their Youtube channel using this link. If you can’t watch the conference, no worries. Just stay tuned to for news from the Google conference as well as the rest of the GDC events.

While no one knows what Google is going to announce, it definitely has everyone’s attention and is keeping us waiting with anxious eyes and ears. Hopefully, their vision of gaming will live up to the hype and blow us all away!