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Apex Legends Battle Pass Worth it? | Should I buy Season 1?

Is the Apex Legends Battle Pass worth it? The Battle Pass is going for a cool 950 Apex Coins and is jam-packed with one hundred tiers of rewards for players to earn. The decision of whether or not you should buy the Battle Pass comes down to a few different factors and we’ve detailed them for you here in this handy-dandy guide!

The first and foremost thing you must consider is just how much progress you can make in the three or so months that Apex Legends Season 1 will last. If you only have time for one or two games a week, the value of the Battle Pass goes down significantly. After all, the value of the Battle Pass is dependent on your ability to progress through the levels—you won’t earn very many rewards simply for buying the Battle Pass.

Is the Apex Legends Battle Pass Worth it? | A breakdown of value

Apex Legends Battle Pass worth it


There’s a little more to the value than just the time you put in, and a helpful Redditor has calculated just how much you get out of the Battle Pass. Essentially, /u/DarthSatoris added up the total number of items based on their rarity and calculated their value in Apex Coins. The Battle Pass will give you 32 Rare Items, 18 Common Items, and 1 Epic Item. /u/DarthSatoris calculates that you would need 17 Apex Packs to unlock all of this stuff, meaning that all of the items in the battle pass are valued at 5,200 Apex Coins.

But wait, there’s more! When you factor in the value of Crafting Metal, the equivalent value of Apex Coins gets bumped up to 6,090 Apex Coins. Add in the 1,000 Apex Coins you get as rewards and the 700 Apex Coins value of the 7 Apex Packs, and you come up to a grand total of 7,790 Apex Coins if you get all the way to Level 100 for the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Although there are three months to play in Season 1, not everyone is going to make it. There is one last thing to consider: what is the magic number for getting your money’s worth? It’s hard to estimate the exact point, but I think Level 26 is the milestone you’d want to aim for. You’ll get 4 batches of Apex Coins, 2 chunks of bonus XP, and a bunch of skins and banners along the way. A guaranteed Epic loot drop is awarded at Level 26, and of course you’ll get the default rewards like the special Season 1 skins.

So, is the Apex Legends battle pass worth it? Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you can put enough time in the game to justify the cost. If you can make it to at least Level 26, it’s probably worth it. And if you can make it to Level 100, it is definitely worth it.