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Apex Legends Disconnect | How to fix the Server Error

Another day, another Apex Legends bug. It seems as though the Apex Legends Disconnect bug has been affecting PS4 and Xbox One players since the latest update. Specifically, the Apex Legends Server Error isn’t letting players log in to the game after its newest update. Some returning players have also been receiving an Apex Legends player data version #2062 error. If you are receiving the Apex Legends #10007 disconnect error message, this is the guide for you.

Apex Legends Disconnect | What’s happening?

Apex Legends Disconnect

Thanks to this thread on the EA Answers forum, it appears that plenty of PS4 and Xbox One Apex Legends players are unable to log in after the latest game update. Upon failing to log in, people are receiving this error message: “Disconnect: Server error attempting to update player data version #2062 to current version #10007 – Loaded old datadefversion #2062 to upgrade to current version #10007, but player data length (12328) doesn’t match old datadef (12500).”

That looks confusing. Essentially, since the new update, it appears as though changes have been made to player data. Apex Legends seems to be struggling with the changes, however, and is failing to upgrade old player profiles into new ones. Thankfully, the issue only appears to be affecting those playing on consoles, not PC. It seems as though restarting the game, console, re-installing the game, and rebuilding the console database won’t work.

Apex Legends Disconnect Server Error | Is there a fix?

Apex Legends Disconnect

Unfortunately, there is no word of an official fix to this problem as of writing. However, in the thread linked to above, there does appear to be a workaround. Multiple people have commented explaining that logging in with a different PlayStation or Xbox account seems to work. Try making sure that your Gamertag and PlayStation account are the primary ones for whichever console you play on, too.

If neither of these ideas works, try switching to a wired internet connection, as that should alleviate any intermittent WiFi problems you may have. If nothing works, though, you’re going to have to wait until EA or Respawn fix the issue. Hopefully, this can be done via a new update sooner rather than later.