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Apex Legends Damage Bug | Why are hit points not showing up?

An Apex Legends damage bug has begun frustrating players ever since the Season One update landed. There’s been reports that people aren’t seeing hit points pop up when they land a shot on an opponent. See what the Apex Legends damage bug fix is with our help.

Apex Legends Damage Bug | Hit points not showing

apex legends damage bug

The Apex Legends damage bug, as we mentioned, causes an issue with showing you how much damage you have dealt to an enemy.

Ordinarily, if you manage to land a shot, you get a two-fold message. First, you hear a noise that indicates you have scored a hit, and then you’re supposed to see how many health or shield points you have knocked off someone. This hasn’t been the case for some players since the Wild Frontier update went live on Tuesday, March 19 though.

Threads have popped up on the game’s Reddit page, such as this one from user KorruptGeneral, that show what’s happening. Part of the footage shows that KorruptGeneral is landing hits with his weapon due to the blood that comes out of his Caustic opponent. No numbers show up initially before they begin to register. By then it’s too late though, as KorruptGeneral is killed themselves not long after.

Apex Legends Damage Bug | Is there a fix?

apex legends damage bug

If you came in search of an official Apex Legends damage bug fix, you’re out of luck, we’re afraid. EA and Respawn haven’t responded to any issues relating to this particular glitch. We suspect this is down to the amount of people that it’s affected.

If it isn’t a widespread issue, then the chances are EA and Respawn will be fixing other issues as a priority. Your best bet is to head to the EA technical forums here, and lodge a ticket. The support team is more likely to see it on their own patch than Reddit. If they do, and the problem is bigger than they think, they’ll look into it. Additionally, be sure to take notes. What weapon you used, what Legend you used, and what Legend you were shooting at. They could all play a part in figuring out why damage numbers aren’t popping in Apex Legends.