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Sekiro HDR Not Working | Is there a fix?

The eagerly-anticipated Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. As with some other modern games, it can be tricky to set up the Sekiro HDR settings as you’d like. On PC, even there is a Sekiro HDR not working bug that you’ll have to fix in order for it to display as you’d like. Read on to find out if there is a Sekiro HDR not working fix.

Sekiro HDR Not Working | What’s the issue?

Sekiro HDR Not Working

Fortunately, the HDR not working bug only appears to be affecting Sekiro players on PC. For those of you out there with HDR-compatible monitors, the bug could be the cause of some unneeded stress (the game is stressful enough).

Essentially, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will not display HDR visuals upon launching the game on an HDR-capable monitor. Sekiro won’t set the monitor to display in HDR, despite what your in-game settings might be. For those of you wanting the best picture possible, you will want to know if there’s a fix. That’s where we come in.

Sekiro HDR Not Working Fix

Sekiro HDR Not Working

Thankfully, there is an official workaround to the HDR not working bug in Sekiro on PC. Thanks to the Activision Support page, we know of a simple enough fix if Sekiro isn’t displaying in HDR when it should on PC.

Launch the game as normal, even with the HDR visuals not displaying. Once you are in the game press Alt+Tab to leave, then press Alt+Tab again to re-enter. This should allow you to head into the game’s HDR settings and be able to toggle HDR on and off correctly. Simple enough.

On PS4 and Xbox One, all you need to do is head into the game’s HDR settings and set it up according to your taste. There are Luminance and Brightness settings to tinker with. Simply find whatever setting you like best.