Box art - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Is Sekiro multiplayer? | Co-op, bloodstains, messages, and online function details

One of the big questions players have is whether or not Sekiro is multiplayer. Fans of Dark Souls remember messages and bloodstains fondly, and even if you were playing solo, it felt like you weren’t alone because of all the player-generated content. Players embraced the online co-op multiplayer components in those games, but what aboutthis one?

Is Sekiro multiplayer co-op local or online?

Unfortunately, one of the trademark Dark Souls features that Sekiro is missing is co-op. There’s no multiplayer present in the game. The game doesn’t feature local or online co-op, and it’s geared towards being an entirely single-player game.

I can see why From Software decided to drop multiplayer for Sekiro, though. The game differs from Dark Souls in that there’s a lot more emphasis on stealth, and having multiplayer would likely detract from that.

Does Sekiro have player messages?

One thing I would have loved to seen is player messages. These pepper the landscape throughout Dark Souls and Bloodborne and are written by players in-game. They are derived from a limited vocabulary, so they have a sort of prose that’s all their own.

Alas, Sekiro doesn’t have meme messages that tell you to jump over a cliff for a shortcut. Even worse, the crude, enigmatic sexual comedy of such notes as “horse but hole,” and “amazing chest ahead,” are nowhere to be found. In a way, it’s more immersive with their absence, but nothing broke the frustration of dying time after time like a good funny message from another player.

Does Sekiro have bloodstains?

Bloodstains are also gone. In previous games, these could be examined to show you another player’s death. The thought being that you could watch and learn from their mistake. However, with you now dying two or more times per life, the whole world would be littered with bloodstains if the featured remained.

Unfortunately, Sekiro doesn’t have any multiplayer aspects. While it’s not incredibly detrimental to the game that they’re absent, I hope it’s not something From Software excludes in all their future games.