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Sekiro ‘The Save Data is Corrupt’ Fix | ‘Failed to load save data’ error

Sekiro “The Save Data is Corrupt” fix is being scoured for high and low by players of the new From Software title on PC. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a game which is hard enough without having to tackle a dreaded “Failed to load save data” error. Whether it is a desire to continue with your current boss run or simply do some grinding to get the prosthetic update you desperately want, this error will not let you pass.

What is the Sekiro “The save data is corrupt” error?

 Sekiro The Save Data is Corrupt Fix  

At the moment, if you launch the game and go to the load game menu, you may find the “Failed to load save data The save data is corrupt” error message appears when you attempt to begin loading your save. The message will appear any time you attempt to access the saved game file and renders your save unplayable. The error can very much be taken at face value. Your save file has been corrupted and you will not be able to load your data. Thankfully, it can be prevented.

How to fix Sekiro “The save data is corrupt”

 Sekiro The Save Data is Corrupt Fix

While as of yet there is no way to repair the “Failed to load save data” error, we do have a Sekiro “The save data is corrupt” fix to prevent you getting in the jam in the first place. Your best option to avoid the error is to be backing up your save data. Doing this regularly is your best bet but making sure you backup at points which you’ve worked hard to reach is essential. You can do this on your PC by locating your save files and copying the relevant folders to a separate folder which you know it will be safe in. Regularly backing up your save data files is always advisable even before becoming aware of file corruption issues in a game, so you should do this for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and across your gaming library.