Fate: The Cursed King PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Activate Cheat Mode by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+TILDE (the key above TAB). You will receive a "?" prompt, after which you can enter the codes below to activate the corresponding effects.

spawn [Creature Name] - Summons creature specified

spawn [Item Name] - Summons item specified

Blood - Game now displays blood

Discoverall - Reveals full dungeon area

Dumpmap - Creates a text description of the current map to maze.txt file, located in game installation folder.

Fame # - Adds # fame points

spawn Fate Statue - Produces statue that awards either monster or random gems

spawn Fountain of Health - Produces a health-replenishing fountain

spawn Fountain of Mana - Produces a mana-replenishing fountain

spawn Fountain of Stamina - Produces a stamina-replenishing fountain

spawn Fountain of Wellness - Produces a fountain that replenishes health and mana

Gold # - Generates specified amount of gold

spawn Large Chest - Generates a large, empty chest

Levelup - Awards one experience level

spawn Magic Anvil - Produces an anvil that adds either a positive or negative effect to an item

Noblood - Blood, if enabled, is replaced once more with the default star particles

Realm # - Move to specified realm ID

spawn Shrine of Learning - Produces a shrine that awards positive or negative effects

REALMCOMPLETE # - Completes all realm quests in specified realm

STATBOOST - Adds 25 points to each of your character's attributes

RTCLOCK - Produces a clock near the screen's upper right corner

Console Cheat List

If you type CTRL + SHIFT+ ~ to open the cheat console.

levelup XXX - Gain XXX experience levels

leveldown XXX -  Lose XXX experience levels

god -  God Mode

fame - 1000 fame

experience -  1000 experience

descend XXX - Descend XXX levels of the cellar

ascend XXX - Ascend XXX levels of the cellar

gold - Increase gold

heal - Recover health


Free Stuff

There are two practice targets in the northern part of town, if you defeat one it will spill out a lot of Enchanted Jewelry and Gems.