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Battlefield Firestorm Gadgets | What items are unique to Firestorm?

There are a plethora of Battlefield Firestorm gadgets that you will want to get accustomed before you play. Battlefield 5‘s battle royale mode has some unique items that aren’t available in other games modes. Find out what these special Battlefield Firestorm items are with our help.

Battlefield Firestorm Gadgets | Ammo

Battlefield Firestorm Gadgets

Much like other Battlefield 5 game modes, you will need to keep your ammo topped up. These Battlefield Firestorm items can’t just be used in any type of weapon, however. Each one is specific to the firearms that you have available, so don’t think you can use pistol ammo in, say, a shotgun.

You will find ammo littered around Firestorm’s map, just like other battle royale games, and you can only carry a certain amount too. Your primary and secondary weapons will determine how much you can carry for each as well. Rifles and machine guns will allow you to carry more ammo, as they go through bullets quicker, while shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols have less.

You will also have to be on the lookout for vehicle ammo. There are two types, light and heavy, and these will need to be acquired to top up your vehicles and deployable weapons. Think tanks and movable turrets, and you will get the picture.

Battlefield Firestorm Items | Health and armor

Battlefield Firestorm Items

Different ammo types aren’t the only vital Battlefield Firestorm items you should keep an eye out for. You will want to keep your squishy body safe from harm with some armor. There are three armor levels in Firestorm, and each level corresponds to how many armor plates you have on your body at any point. Common armor gives you one plate, rare fits two, and epic gives you three.

Health syrettes are you go-to to replenish your health. You can use these on yourself or teammates to refill a health meter. You cannot, however, use them if you’ve been downed.

Finally, you will want to get a backpack as soon as possible. Small backpacks increase your inventory slot by two items, medium by four, and large by six. Get a large if you can, so you can carry more ammo, health, and other gadgets.