Beyond a Steel Sky Release Date | Is it coming to PC and consoles this year?

Beyond a Steel Sky is the long-awaited follow-up to Beneath a Steel Sky, the cyberpunk adventure game from 1994 developed by Broken Sword creators Revolution Software, with assistance from Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons. It was announced at Apple’s keynote address earlier this week, as coming to its new game streaming service Apple Arcade when that releases later this year. But when is this Beneath a Steel Sky 2 coming out? When is the Beyond a Steel Sky release date? And is it even coming to PC and consoles? We’ve got some answers for you.

What is the Beyond a Steel Sky release date?

No release date for Beyond a Steel Sky was revealed during the Apple Arcade event or videos, only that the game was coming and that Apple Arcade itself would be available later in 2019. A later interview with Revolution Software head Charles Cecil at Variety revealed many further details about the game, but not release date or even what platforms it would be coming to.

Fortunately, Revolution itself came to the rescue, and tweeted out at least some confirmation of a Beyond a Steel Sky release date. The studio revealed that Beyond a Steel Sky would be releasing this year, which still isn’t too accurate, but at least it’s relatively soon. We can also probably infer that the game will launch the same time as Apple Arcade itself, so probably around Fall 2019.

Is Beyond a Steel Sky coming to PC and consoles as well as Apple Arcade?

Perhaps the bigger question after Apple’s event was if any of the games it actually showed were coming to platforms other than Apple devices. This especially goes for Beyond a Steel Sky, whose fanbase is primarily on PC. Fortunately, Revolution itself came to the rescue again on Twitter, and confirmed that Beyond a Steel Sky would also release on PC and consoles. We can assume that means Xbox One and PS4, although it will hopefully come to the Nintendo Switch too. Either way, that’s good news for Beneath a Steel Sky fans.