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Anthem Masterwork Loot Not Dropping | Why aren’t Stronghold bosses giving loot?

The brand-new Anthem patch has introduced many new things into the game, but not all of the new changes have worked. Players are finding that since the 1.06 (1.0.4) update, Anthem Stronghold bosses aren’t dropping Masterwork loot. Why aren’t Stronghold bosses giving loot as they should? Read through our Anthem Masterwork loot not dropping guide to find out. There are worse bugs and glitches out there, but this one is annoying for sure.

Anthem Masterwork Loot Not Dropping | What’s the Stronghold bosses glitch?

Anthem Masterwork loot not dropping

As you may have read in our Anthem 1.06 update patch notes guide yesterday, Stronghold bosses (at GM1 difficulty or higher) are supposed to now drop more loot, with a chance of extra Masterwork and Legendary items, too. The trouble is, since the update, Stronghold bosses are failing to drop Masterwork loot. Another day, another loot issue with Anthem.

Masterwork items are supposed to be a guaranteed drop from defeated Stronghold bosses on GM1 difficulty or higher. Simply put, it’s not working as it should. The thing is, though, Stronghold bosses are still dropping Legendary items. Depending on what you’re after this could be a positive glitch. Nevertheless, Anthem Stronghold bosses should guarantee a Masterwork item drop and they don’t. It’s understandable that many Anthem players are annoyed.

Anthem Masterwork Loot Not Dropping | Is there a fix?

Anthem Masterwork loot not dropping

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to guarantee a Masterwork item will drop upon defeating a Stronghold boss. It’s something that should be happening after the latest update, but it simply isn’t working. That said, a fix for the problem could come soon enough.

BioWare is aware of the issue and is actively working on a fix. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a time frame for the expected fix. Hopefully, a fix for the glitch will be available in a future patch sooner rather than later. We need those Masterwork items.


BioWare has now fixed the issue and you should be receiving a guaranteed Masterwork item at the end of Strongholds.