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Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | Pack-a-punch, Apollo’s Will, God Hands and Secret Boss

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 already has a wealth of content that could conceivably keep playing enjoying it forever, but the great thing is that it’s also continually being updated with new stuff too. The latest 1.16 patch for Black Ops 4 added numerous modes, but also a new Black Ops 4 Zombies map called Ancient Evil. Even better, for the truly obsessive Call of Duty player, the developers have hidden a range of Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter eggs for the true fans to uncover. Let’s find them all, from the Pack-a-Punch to the secret Perseus boss and proper ending.

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | How to unlock Pack-a-Punch

Before you do anything else here, you’ll need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. Once you’ve unlocked Pegasus to travel to other areas, head to the Amphitheater and interact with the Sentinel Artifact there. This’ll spawn a load of enemies you’ll need to hold off until Pegasus shows up. The doors to the Intersection of Treasuries and the Stoa of the Athenians will unlock, and in one of them a Golden Bridle will spawn on a pedestal. Find it, and defeat the boss that spawns.

Next, travel to the Spartan Monument and interact with the circle here. At the River of Sorrow you’ll need to find two bird cages, one in Python Pass and the other in the Cliff Ruins. Use your Specialist weapon to break them, and it’ll free the birds, who’ll fly to your next destination, the Center of the World. The birds will attack the red crystal here, starting a big boss encounter with skeletons. Fight them off, and the Pack-a-Punch machine will spawn.

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | How to get Apollo’s Will

Apollo’s Will is a powerful sword and spear combo, with 15 spears to throw. You’ll need to craft it first, however, by finding three parts. The Strap is found on the Upper Road, at the end of the bridge by some statues. It can also spawn under the bridge. The Shield is dropped by a boss monster you may have faced in the previous part, the six-armed Gegenees who spawns when you use the Sentinel Artifact and go for the Golden Bridle. The Spear part is similarly either in Stoa of the Athenians or Intersection of Treasuries, and it’ll be leaning against a wall. Now you can craft Apollo’s Will in the Marketplace.

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | How to unlock Thunder Strike

The Thunder Strike, also called the Pegasus Strike, is another cool weapon you can unlock. First, you’ll need to have unlocked the Pack-a-Punch, so follow the steps above to do that. Then, you’ll need to look in three separate locations for special crafting parts. Part one is at the River of Sorrow, beside some fallen tree trunks. Part two is at Python Pass, at the bottom of the steps, just before the pass itself. Part three is at Cliff Ruins, on the ground next to one of the big pillars. Now place all three parts at the Blue Forge to construct the Strike.

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | How to unlock God Hands

The God Hands are elemental Wonder Weapons, and they can be a pain to unlock. There are four God Hands in total, and they can all be unlocked the same way at least. You find a Dormant Hand item and take it to one of four Ritual Sites, where you charge it with zombie souls. That’s the easy part, but the hard part is actually finding a Dormant Hand in the first place. There are several around the map, and all glow with purple energy. The only problem is, they spawn in random locations, and can be hidden in vases, under sand, or other spots. If you see a purple glow, melee attack it, and it may reveal a Dormant Hand. They can be found anywhere in the following locations: Stoa of Athenians, Intersection of Treasuries, Spartan Monument, Python Pass, Center of the World.

After you’ve finally recovered a Hand, you can take it to be turned into a God Hand by taking it to a ritual location, depending on the god you want to turn the hand into. To create a Hand of Gaia, take it to the ritual spot at the Spartan Monument. For Charon go to the Python Pass, Hemera head to the Monument of Craterus, and Ouranos look around at the Center of the World. Once activated, kill a zombie within the circle that matches colors with it. Once you have all four Fallen God Hands, we can upgrade them into Redeemed Hands.

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | How to unlock Redeemed Hands

The Redeemed God Hands are the more powerful, upgraded versions of the Fallen Hands of Charon, Hemera, Ouranos, and Gaia. For Charon, travel to the Odin part by the Pack-a-Punch machine, and kill zombies near the Odin machine until it is fully charged. Crouch and “drink” from the water by the machine (you’ll get a prompt), and coins will spawn around the area. Collect these coins and deposit them in the Charon Shrine, although some will be fake. Just keep going until the portal opens, then proceed through to complete the Ritual and get the Redeemed Hand of Charon.

For Ouranos, once again in the Pack-a-Punch area, look for three arrows around the map. Use the God Hand to shoot zombies into those arrows, which will spawn two feathers you’ll need to shoot twice. Pick up and place these feathers in the Ouranos Shrine to open another portal, which again you need to pass through to get the Redeemed Hand.

For Gaia, you need to find plants covered in red crystals. Shoot the crystals off these plants with any regular bullet-based weapon, and you can then harvest the plant’s seeds. Once you’ve done this on three particular plants you can then deposit all these seeds in the Altar of Gaia by the Spartan Monument. This will open the portal you need.

For the final hand of Hemera, you’ll need to find three mirrors around the map. If you shoot these mirrors with the Hand of Hemera, eventually its light orb will ricochet into a bowl. Melee attack the bowl with the Hand, then similarly melee strike the Altar of Hemera at the Monument of Craterus. Do this for all three mirrors. If you’ve done it right, the portal will open.

Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Easter Eggs | How to complete the main Easter egg boss quest

All of this has been leading to the ultimate Easter egg: a boss fight against a corrupted Perseus, and a proper ending to the level. These steps can be completed as you’re doing the other Easter eggs above. First, interact with the Oracle and complete 6 Oracle Tributes at Epic, and the Apollo’s Temple flame will turn blue. Use Apollo’s Will to attack the flame, and your spear will go on fire. Now use it to light 3 oil spills in Upper Road, the Intersection of Treasuries, and the Spartan Monument.

At the Spartan Monument, use the Redeemed Hand of Charon on the ground and the nearby statues’ eyes will glow red. Shoot these statues with an  uncharged shot. Next, you need the find cog wheels behind hidden walls at the Intersection of Treasuries, Stoa of the Athenians and Spartan Monument. Find three and throw an Apollo’s Will spear at each to turn them on and rotate statues at the Stoa of the Athenians. Make them turn inward. Throw another spear at the crystal at Stoa.

Next, locate a red chaos crystal containing an Ankh in the Intersection of Treasuries, and lure a Gegenees boss zombie here and make it hit the crystal with a shield blast. Collect the Ankh, and place both it and the Redeemed Hand of Hemera in the Statue of Ra. Fight the Skeletons that spawn until the Scepter of Ra appears, and place that on the Statue of Ra too.

Go to the Statue of Danu in the Offering of the Attalids room, and shoot the symbol on the statue’s left with the Redeemed Hand of Gaia. 2 more symbols will appear, and you’ll need to shoot both with one shot. Keep shooting symbols as they appear, and kill the boss that spawns to get a staff. Place this staff on the sundial, then kill an electric catalyst zombie on the sundial to activate it. Stop each dial on the blue symbol to complete this part.

All four players should return to the Amphitheater, and head to the colored circle that matches the God Hand they’re wielding. They need to kill the zombies that match their color in a minigame. Complete 3 out of 5 rounds to win. Travel to the River of Sorrows, and go to the door seen in Ancient Evil’s intro cutscene. Shoot the symbols in the order seen in the video.

Place the Pegasus/Thunder Strike on the blue symbol, and it’ll spawn a Ballista. Fire the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos at it until it faces the snake. Head back to the start and relight Apollo’s Will with blue fire, then go through a poison trap in Python Pass to turn it green. Melee the Ballista, and it’ll spawn a portal at the egg in the Center of the World. The whole team must interact with the portal to take you to the boss fight against Pegasus and Perseus. We’ll leave you to work out that part yourself, but you’ll need to make use of your specialist weapons. Good luck!