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Fortnite Volcano Erupt Event | Will the volcano erupt?

Players may be wondering about the Fortnite volcano erupt event and whether or not this big mountain full of magma will actually blow. The existence of the volcano in the Season 8 map is a pretty severe Chekov’s Gun—how could you place a volcano on the map and not have it blow?

Well, there’s good news! The Fortnite leaker community has been digging through the game’s files and discovered some very interesting details about the Fortnite volcano erupt event. This new information gives us some pretty solid clues as to what we can expect from Season 8’s most noticeable new feature on the map.

Fortnite Volcano Erupt Event | Details of the leak

Fortnite Volcano erupt event

One of the easiest tells for whether or not something is going to happen is if there are any related files buried in the game’s code. The Fortnite leaking community (and most leaking communities) know this, so they regularly dig through the game’s files after every patch. This time around, a handful of folks have managed to find something interesting.

YouTuber HYPEX has uncovered a series of sound files relating to the Fortnite volcano erupt event and posted them to his Twitter account:

As you can see (or rather, hear), there are an awful lot of sound files in the game for the volcano in the Fortnite Season 8 map. Further investigation indicates that these are not related to the Limited Time Mode involving the volcano, as these sounds are for something else entirely.

Bear in mind that this is a leak and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be used in the game. Developers make assets that don’t get used all the time, and these extraneous assets (which can and do include sound files) are often left in the game’s code. (It’s easier and safer to leave files in place rather than remove them.) That said, we may very well get to see a Fortnite volcano erupting event sooner rather than later.