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Anthem Flight Time | Why can’t I fly for longer than before?

Players have been reporting that the Anthem flight time has decreased in BioWare’s RPG shooter. Ever since the latest patch went live, gamers have found that their javelin exosuit’s flying powers are weaker, and show no signs of increasing. See what the Anthem flight time fix is with our guide.

Anthem Flight Time | Why has my flying power decreased?

Anthem Flight Time

The Anthem flight time problem, as we mentioned, has only cropped up since the 1.06 update went live on Tuesday, March 25. As part of the patch, players had expected that there would be a buff to the amount of flying power that any javelin exosuit had. This was down to player complaints about the need to hover or fly around for longer than they had expected before the game came out.

Since Tuesday, however, players have taken to the official EA forums, and the game’s Reddit page, to query what’s actually going on with this. Confusion reins supreme as a lot of players have found that there’s been what they consider to be a nerf to flight time. Others, meanwhile, have stated that they’ve noticed an increase to flying and hover periods since the patch.

Anthem Flight Time | How to Fix

Anthem Flight Time

Without EA or BioWare’s input on the Anthem flight time conversation, we don’t have an official fix for this.

Some replies in the EA forum thread above have suggested that other players test out what flight enhancing gear they have equipped. Some people believe that, with this gear bolted on to their fellow users’ javelins, that they’re receiving a boost from these components.

Others have still complained that their cooldown time has been extended though, and that their javelin suit overheats quicker than before. This is despite these players not changing their gear or loadouts too.

If it’s affecting you, posting in either of the thread above will hopefully alert BioWare to this problem, and force them to look into it. For now, keep an eye on mixing and matching certain equipment to see if it’s the fault of the item (via glitches) rather than the overall game itself. That will be your only way to find a quote-unquote “solution” until a hotfix, server-side patch, or full patch go live.