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Fortnite revert changes | Is Epic Games buffing health on kill to 50 again?

Players are hoping to see Fortnite revert changes recently made following the conclusion of a test made in a Pop-Up Cup. Fortnite is a constantly-evolving game and the developers are keen on experimenting with new features and mechanics to see if they can improve the game. One of these recent experiments was changes to the way eliminations worked. Players were more immediately rewarded for taking out one of their opponents. Unfortunately, Epic Games has seen fit to remove these changes and players are none too happy about it.

Will Epic Games revert Fortnite changes?

Fortnite revert changes

Previously, a Pop-Up Cup had special settings that awarded players in a specific way and changed the dynamics of the game a bit. Eliminating an enemy would get you 50 Health (or Shields, depending on your Health) immediately after the kill. The eliminated enemy would also drop 50 each of Wood, Brick, and Metal. Furthermore, there was a cap of 500 on all materials and the harvest rate was increased by 40 percent.

The most recent Fortnite patch notes state the following:

  • Siphon/Material Changes
    • In v7.40 we implemented a few Pop-up Cup settings as a test in core modes. After monitoring a combination of gameplay, data, and feedback, we’ve gathered necessary info to conclude this initial test. We feel it has resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play, diminishing other viable strategies. The following changes have been reverted in all core modes:
      • 50 Health (or Shield) based on your health when the Elimination occurs.
      • 50/50/50 materials dropped on Elimination.
      • 500/500/500 Cap on materials.
      • Harvest rate increased by 40%
      • That said, these mechanics have proven to be positive in our competitive playlists. All changes above remain enabled in the new Arena Game Mode.

A portion of players are hoping to see Fortnite revert changes that we see listed above. So, is Epic Games going to undo these changes and buff health back up again? We can’t say for sure. The playerbase seems split on the matter, so we’ll just have to hope that Epic Games changes their minds.