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Fortnite Boom Bow | Release date and challenges

A new leaked weapon, the Fortnite Boom Bow, is expected to land in-game very soon. Ahead of the inevitable patch, you’ll want to know when its release date is and what challenges you could complete with it. Learn everything there is to know about the Fortnite Boom Bow with our guide.

Fortnite Boom Bow | Release date

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The Fortnite Boom Bow is certain to land in the battle royale game some time this week. The new explosive bow weapon was leaked ahead of schedule on multiple websites following the 8.20 update, and even that was after its introduction was officially teased by developers Epic Games and People Can Fly.

The official image for Season 8 showed one of the characters holding the bow with it already primed to fire. Until now, little had been know about its existence, but we’re now confident that the bow will be available to use when the next patch goes live.

If you want to get a feel for what the Boom Bow sounds like or what its animation style looks like, you can check out this leak on Twitter too.

Fortnite Boom Bow | Challenges

fortnite boom bow

Why do we believe the new bow will release soon? Because the Fortnite Boom Bow will apparently be used in one of the Season 8 Week 6 challenges, which will be patched through on Thursday. We already detailed what this coming week’s challenges will be in this guide, so head there to get a glimpse of what sort of challenges players can expect.

Given that the Boom Bow will need to be used to get an elimination for one of the Week 6 challenges, it would be mad for Epic to not patch it into the game this week. Of course, the leaks could be wrong. However, with so many dataminers earning themselves a reputation for leaking things ahead of schedule, we expect the Boom Bow to drop this week.