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The Division 2 Unable to Deconstruct Items | Is there a fix?

The Division 2 unable to deconstruct items bug is definitely an annoying one, as it can cause your inventory to become full very quickly. We’re here, though, to let you know if there is a fix for the issue or not. It all apparently revolves around The Division 2 Uplay MPX Specialized Blue weapon. Read on to discover any potential fixes to this bug.

The Division 2 Unable to Deconstruct Items | What’s the issue?

The Division 2 Unable to deconstruct items

According to this official Ubisoft Support forum thread, a fair number of The Division 2 players are unable to deconstruct any items they pick up. Of course, this is an issue in a loot shooter with limited inventory space. This means that players simply can’t deconstruct items they pick up in the field, making their inventory fill up much faster than it should. It doesn’t appear to be causing any issues with selling or donating items, however.

It appears as though what’s causing the bug is a Uplay reward. Specifically, the MPX Specialized Blue rank level 3 weapon. Seemingly, anyone who has activated the reward has found that their game has been bugged, making item deconstruction impossible. This is a pain as it not only means that your inventory will fill up way too quickly, but it also means that you will receive fewer materials with which to craft new items. Unfortunately, you cannot sell the buggy gun either.

The Division 2 Unable to Deconstruct Items | Is there a fix?

The Division 2 unable to deconstruct items

While we know that Ubisoft is at least aware of the bug thanks to the support thread linked to above, there is no official fix as of writing. Thankfully, though, there does appear to be a workaround or two that has worked for a number of players.

If you are finding that the Blue MPX Uplay reward is bugging out your inventory, try to donate it to a project that’s looking for weapons. This has worked for one commenter, at least. Another player explains that transferring the weapon talent to another SMG in the Recalibration Station will destroy the Specialized Blue MPX in the process. Hopefully, one of these two workarounds will work for you.

If neither do, though, you should always be able to donate or sell any unwanted items clogging up your inventory. Hopefully, Ubisoft will fix the bug in a future game update. For now, though, do not activate the Blue MPX Uplay reward.