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Fortnite Gun Game | New Fortnite Gungame mode leak and release date

A Fortnite Gun Game limited-time mode has been leaked new LTM’s release date. Little is obviously known about Fortnite Gungame, which has its own unique spin on this game mode, but we’ve done our best to round up everything worth knowing about it. Find out more with our Fortnite Gun Game guide.

Fortnite Gun Game | Leaked limited-time mode

Fortnite Gun Game

According to Twitter user FortTory, a well-known Fortnite leaker, files about a potential Gun Game mode were unearthed after the game’s 8.20 update went live on Tuesday, April 2.

The limited-timed event is thought to be called “Reverse Gungame.” Basically, players start with the same powerful weapon at the beginning of matches. For every kill that you get, your weapon is swapped out for a less powerful one. The winner of each match is the person who can progress through these weapons, ranked best to worst, before the timer runs out.

It’s a unique spin on other Gun Game modes that are found in other games such as Call of Duty WW2. With matches limiting the number of players to a suspected 20, you won’t have to run around chasing dozens other players before you’re crowned the victor.

Fortnite Gun Game | Release date

Fortnite Gun Game

As of right now, Fortnite Gun Game doesn’t have an official release date. This will be obvious to most of you, as it’s only just been found hidden away in the game’s files.

Judging by its inclusion in the 8.20 update though, we can work out when it might land. Massive Fortnite updates occur pretty regularly, especially when new seasons are introduced. We’re only three weeks into Season 8, so it’ll be around for a bit longer.

That means that the Gun Game mode could land sometime in the next two or three weeks, typically on a Tuesday as that’s when updates usually dropped. Expect something on either April 9, April 16, or April 23. This would give you a chance to play it before any leaks about Season 9 start to emerge. Don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t show up in that time frame though. These features can be postponed for unforeseen reasons, but hopefully it’ll be patched in sooner rather than later.