The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets | Total Patriot, Ongoing Directive, Hard Wired

Tom Power April 5, 2019

The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets have arrived in-game as part of the latest update. There are three new sets called Total Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hard Wired. Get the lowdown on this trio of new Gear Sets with our in-depth guide on How to unlock The Division 2 Tidal Basin gear sets.

How to unlock The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets

Before we delve into The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets themselves, you might want to check out our Gear Sets guide for a rundown of what they are, what bonuses you can earn, and more.

Are you back? Grand. These new Gear Sets will join the loot pool as soon as you reach World Tier 5 in the game. We have another guide that details all of the new information for this next World Tier, so you can go and check it out here. You will need to have completed the Tidal Basin Stronghold mission to get these new Gear Sets added to the loot pool too.

Finally, the last thing worth knowing is that they can be dropped specifically by Black Tusk units in World Tier 5. Invaded Missions, the Occupied Dark Zone, and Invaded Strongholds are your best places to farm Gear Sets once you’ve unlocked them.

The Division 2 Total Patriot Gear Set

The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets for the Total Patriot are aimed at players who prefer to support rather than go in all guns blazing. This one is particularly effective against tougher enemies, so have someone in your squad equip it.

As with other Gear Sets, this and the two below provide you with bonus ladders. For each piece of Gear that you find, for these particular sets, you’ll be granted perks that give you advantages on the battlefield. We’ve detailed these bonuses for each Gear Set in their sub-categories, so read on to learn what perks you’ll earn.

The Division 2 Ongoing Directive Gear Set

Ongoing Directive is the next of The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets that we’ll cover. This Gear Set allows you to put certain status effects on enemies you’re doing battle with. Another support class-esque one then, but more of an all-rounder than the Total Patriot it seems.

The Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set

Hard Wired is the third and final one of The Division 2 Tidal Basin Gear Sets that is in the game. This Gear Set allows you to combine your Skills with controlling enemy crowds. Perfect for those who might get rushed by multiple opponents if you charge in yourself, or you’re on your own.

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