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Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC | What is the Shazam movie DLC pack?

Lego DC Super Villains released in October 2018 and has since received lots of fun additions to the game based around new DC heroes and villains. The latest addition comes in the form of the Shazam Movie DLC pack, which is bringing Shazam into the Lego world. The Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC is bringing with it a new level and six new playable characters that are inspired by the recently released superhero movie, Shazam! The Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC Level 1 Pack is available today across all platforms for its season pass holders, and will be released on April 23 with the Level 2 Pack as a bundle for non-season pass holders. Find information on everything that is included in the latest Shazam DLC below.

Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC | New characters and a new level

Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC

Aside from a new level, the Shazam Movie Level 1 pack includes six new characters. Players will be able to play as Billy Baston and transform into Shazam with all of his powers. They will also be able to play as Freddy Freeman, who can transform and take on Shazam’s powers. Together, Baston and Freeman will fight against Dr. Sivana to try and save the day. Additionally, Freeman will be able to unlock four of the deadly sins of man as playable characters. Gluttony, Wrath, Pride, and Envy will join Billy Baston and Freddy Freeman in the lineup of over 150 DC characters. There is also a new Shazam themed level that is coming to the game, however, not much information was given about that. Players will have to try out the Lego DC Super Villians Shazam DLC find out more about it!

How much does the Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC cost?

Lego DC Super Villains Shazam DLC

If you want to play the Lego DC Super Villians Shazam DLC on April 5, you’ll need to buy the season pass. The Shazam Movie Level 1 Pack is available today, April 5, for season pass holders and will be followed by the Movie Level 2 pack on April 23. If you already own the game but don’t own the season pass, you can buy it for $14.99. If you bought the Deluxe Edition of the game, then you should already have the season pass and be able to play the Shazam DLC for free. If you don’t have the DLC and have no intentions of getting it, you’ll have to wait until April 23 to play the Shazam DLC. A bundle of the Shazam Movie Level 1 and 2 Pack will be available on April 23 for $7.99.